Sensor & Specialized Inputs:Other Digital Timers Datasheets

TIMER, EAGLE SIGNAL, ELECTRONIC REPEAT CYCLE, 1/8 DIN MTG, 120VAC -- 70132651 [DA211A6 from Specialty Product Technologies]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

The DA200 series timer is a microprocessor based repeat cycle timer housed in a 1/8 DIN style enclosure. Two 4 digit push-button switches on the front of the unit provide exact setting of the ON and OFF time setpoints. Four time ranges from 99.99 seconds to 99 hours and 99 minutes can be... [See More]

  • Sensor & Specialized Inputs: Signal Power
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Instrument Type: Timer
  • Setting Accuracy: 0.0100
Programmable Timer & Counter -- EZM-4950
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

SHAFT ROTATION monitors, frequently called ZERO SPEED or TACHOMETER relays operate when the pulses (usually generated by a proximity switch) received fall below a user selected set point. This situation is sometimes caused by something jamming the machine. The motor(s) draws excessive current thus... [See More]

  • Sensor & Specialized Inputs: Encoder; Dry Contact, Inductive or Capacitive Sensor
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Instrument Type: Counter; Timer; Counter / Timer Combination
  • Number of Functions: Multi
1-8 DIN Awesome Display Ratemeter-Tachometer with Totalizer, S628 Series
from Specialty Product Technologies

The C628 Elapsed Timer is a member of a family of 1/8 DIN instruments which offer breakthrough display technology as well as easy-to-program user setup. Its large LED display features the ability to change color based on process status such as exceeding the preset value. [See More]

  • Sensor & Specialized Inputs: Encoder; Switch; Magnetic
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Instrument Type: Timer
  • Direction: Up Count