Magnetic Water Filters

Ferrogard™ Magnetic Water Filter -- FG Series
from DME Company

Ferrogard ™ Filter removes contaminant. particles smaller than one micron from process. cooling fluids and hydraulic systems. This includes. the smallest and most abrasive particles that are. responsible for the destructive chain reaction of. wear. Injection molds often have small cooling... [See More]

  • Type: Magnetic
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Maximum Temperature: 240
Magnom Clear 20 Magnetic Water Filters -- W-MG-20-HT
from Invotec Solutions Ltd.

The Clear 20 is a large 22 core Magnom unit and has a very high holding capacity making it the ideal choice for high contaminant environments and applications where rough service design is not essential. Magnom Clear 20. The unit has proved highly successful in metalworking environments for coolant... [See More]

  • Type: Magnetic
  • Maximum Pressure: 174
  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 1" BSPP / 1" NPT Female