Application:Other Dimensional and Profile Scanners Datasheets

gapCONTROL Laser Scanner -- 2611-100
from Micro-Epsilon Group

Laser scanners of the gapCONTROL series record, measure and evaluate gaps on very different target surfaces. With gapCONTROL, Micro-Epsilon offers a measurement system specially matched to the demands of gap measurement. The gapCONTROL Setup Software makes configuration of gapCONTROL sensors fast... [See More]

  • Application: Dimensional Measurement; Profile Measurement; Angularity / Orientation; Depth Mapping; Digitizing / Imaging; Industrial In-Line Inspection
  • Resolution: 0.00047
  • Machine Type: 2-D Scanning / Profiling; 3-D Scanning / Profiling (optional feature)
  • Number of Sensors / Cameras: 1