Nominal Resistance:Other Strain Gauges Datasheets

Backed Bar Semiconductor Strain Gauge -- SS-060-033-1000PB
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Mounted on a flexible insulated circuit with versatile solder pads makes them easy to install. They can be bent without hurting the gage and will perform like a foil gage except that the sensitivity change is 50 to 75 times greater. On load cells and foil bridges, when it is used as a linearity... [See More]

  • Nominal Resistance: 1050 Ohms
  • Arrangement: Uniaxial
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance; Semiconductor
  • Specialty Application: Temperature
Diaphragm Strain Gage
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA strain gages are available in a variety of different models to cover most strain measurement applications. The rugged construction and flexibility make these general purpose strain gages suitable for static and dynamic measurement with a high degree of accuracy. The measuring grid is formed by... [See More]

  • Nominal Resistance: 200/240
  • Arrangement: Diaphragm
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: Full-Bridge
from RS Components, Ltd.

FSR force sensors feature an ohmic resistor whose resistive value decreases when pressure is applied. Two polymer layers are laminated together to obtain sensors less than 1 mm thick: one layer is covered with a network of electrodes and the other with a printed semi-conductor. Good measurement... [See More]

  • Nominal Resistance: >1MOhms
  • Carrier Width: 0.2756
  • Carrier Length: 1.42
  • Operating Temperature: -22 to 338
from HBM

TT-3/100 is a temperature sensor that can be used as easily and flexibly as a classical strain gage. TT-3/100 is the ideal choice, if your measurement task involves measuring strain in particular - and, additionally - temperature values. [See More]

  • Nominal Resistance: 100 Ohms
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: None
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Operating Temperature: -58 to 356
Dual Element Biaxial Tee Strain Gage -- SGT-1/175-XY11
from Omegadyne, Inc.

OMEGA ® transducer quality strain gages are available in a variety of patterns to cover most transducer design requirements. Their rugged construction, reliability and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic transducers. The measuring grid is formed by specially... [See More]

  • Nominal Resistance: 175 Ohms
  • Arrangement: Tee
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Rosette Construction: Planar