Measures Temperature Strain Gauges Datasheets

Backed Bar Semiconductor Strain Gauge -- SS-060-033-1000PB
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Mounted on a flexible insulated circuit with versatile solder pads makes them easy to install. They can be bent without hurting the gage and will perform like a foil gage except that the sensitivity change is 50 to 75 times greater. On load cells and foil bridges, when it is used as a linearity... [See More]

  • Specialty Application: Temperature
  • Arrangement: Uniaxial
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance; Semiconductor
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: Half-Bridge
Strain Sensor -- DT3715-1
from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Columbia Series DT3715 sensors were designed to accurately measure both strain and temperature on curved mounting surfaces. These sensors offer all the accuracy, ruggedness and ease of installation of the flight-qualified Series DTD2684 sensors and also incorporate a DIN standard 1000 ohm platinum... [See More]

  • Specialty Application: Temperature; Residual Stress; Military Applications
  • Arrangement: Uniaxial
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: Full-Bridge