Carrier Gas Hot Extraction (HE) Elemental Analyzers

Oxygen/Nitrogen by Inert Gas Fusion Infrared and Thermal Conductivity Detection -- 400 Series
from LECO Corporation

Get fast and simultaneous measurement of nitrogen and oxygen to 1 ppm with the TC400. Using the inert gas fusion principle, it handles a wide variety of metals, refractories, and inorganic materials, and is upgradeable from single-to dual-element detection. The TC400 provides reliability and... [See More]

  • Analysis Method / Detection Technology: Carrier Gas Hot Extraction (HE); Inert Gas Fusion (IGF); Infrared Detector (IR Cell); Thermal Conductivity Detector
  • Test Media / Material Analyzed: Inorganic Material
  • Elements Analyzed: Nitrogen (N) / Protein; Oxygen (O)