Block Weight Calibration and Test Weights Datasheets

Crane/Hoist Test Weights
from Mars Metal Company

Crane / Hoist test weights are used in the periodic re-certification of lifting equipment. The Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division will work with you to design test weights that exactly meet your requirements. Individual weights can be designed to achieve the desired total weight... [See More]

  • Weight Type / Shape: Test / Load Test Weight; Block Weight / Brick
  • Materials: Lead
Grey Cast Iron Individual M1 Block Shaped Weight -- YCW6559-00
from Sartorius Group

Block Shaped Weights. Individual block shaped M1 and M2 OIML class weights. The weights are made of black painted grey cast . You can order the block shapped weights from 5 kg to 50 kg. [See More]

  • Weight Type / Shape: Calibration Weight / Mass Standard; Block Weight / Brick
  • Units System: Metric (SI, g or kg)
  • Denomination / Weight: 11.03
  • Class & Tolerance: OIML Class M1