Ethylene Copolymer (EEA, EVA, EBAC) Foam Insulation

Volara® Fine-Celled, Irradiation Crosslinked Foam -- Type EO
from Sekisui Voltek, LLC

Volara ® is a fine-celled, irradiation crosslinked foam that offers aesthetic appeal as well as an outstanding range of performance characteristics. Its smooth surface, excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical and chemical properties, low water absorption and vapor transmission... [See More]

  • Material / Composition: Polymer / Plastic; Thermoplastic; Thermally cured; Ethylene Copolymer (EEA, EVA, EBAC)
  • Form / Shape: Stock Shape / Machining Grade; Film / Sheet
  • Foam, All Types (View Trigger): Foam
  • Density: 6