Electrical Output and Interface:Other Incremental Rotary Encoders Datasheets

Incremental Encoders -- 847A-Q314-RA01024
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Incremental Encoders,2" Diameter, Blind Hollow,3-Point Mounting,3/8 ” Diameter Hollow Shaft,4.5-5.5 V DC,4.5-5.5 V Line Driver (TTL),Radial Exit,M12 8-Pin w/ Mating Connector,A leads B, CW, Z gated with A,1024 PPR [See More]

  • Output Interface: 4.5-5.5 V Line Driver (TTL)
  • Features: Hollow Shaft
  • Diameter / Width: 8.55
Approximate Sine Wave Incremental Encoder -- SE-17 Series
from B&Plus USA, Inc.

SE-17 Series. Approximate Sine Wave/ Incremental Rotary Encoder [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Counts / Revolution: 100 to 360
  • Output Interface: Approx. Sine Wave
  • Count Rate: 20
Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder -- HS35S
from Baumer Ltd.

Robust meets precision – The new incremental hollow shaft encoder series HS35 merges HeavyDuty durability and the accuracy of high-resolution optical encoders to comply with proven industry standards. HS35 encoders are reliable components in Motion Control systems and excel with precise motor... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Accuracy: 60.00
  • Output Interface: Sine Wave
  • Diameter / Width: 0.5000 to 1
Optical Rotary Encoders -- 61K Series
from Grayhill, Inc.

Grayhill specializes in human interface optical encoders that provide excellent tactile feedback to the user. The greatest advantage of optical encoders is their non-contact switching technology which results in an exceptionally high operational life. Although the end-product may vary, typical... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Counts / Revolution: 25 to 256
  • Output Interface: Open Collector
  • Diameter / Width: 1.25
Magnetic Rotary Encoder -- M122-I
from Gurley Precision Instruments

The series M122 magnetic rotary encoders are designed for light industrial applications that require up to thirteen bits of resolution (8192 words or couts/turn) in a very small package. [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Magnetic
  • Counts / Revolution: ? to 512
  • Output Interface: Quad Output
  • Lines / Revolution: ? to 128
Lika ROTAMAG Magnetic Incremental Encoder -- MI36K
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Compact magnetic encoder. Stainless steel housing. IP67 protection with sealed circuits (option) [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Magnetic
  • Counts / Revolution: 2048
  • Output Interface: NPN, Push-Pull, Line Driver
  • Count Rate: 300
ROTACOD Bearingless Magnetic Ring Encoder -- SMRA
from Lika Electronic

Absolute contactless sensing. Hollow shaft up to 110 mm. SSI & BiSS output with alarm bits. Self-fixing ring (no fixing holes required). IP68 protection [See More]

  • Output Interface: Line Driver, Push-Pull
  • Shaft Speed: 9000 to 25000
  • Counts / Revolution: ? to 180000
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 185
Size 11 Digital Resolver -- DRBB-11-AA-01AA
from Moog Inc. (formerly Moog Components Group)

Moog ’s size 11 digital resolver is a compact, low-cost angular position transducer with DC input and digital output. No external circuitry is required – simply energize with ±5 VDC and obtain 12-bit serial data for direct computer interface, or the A Quad B and North Marker... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Lines / Revolution: 1024
  • Output Interface: Digital
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 185
Heavy Duty Precision Industrial Encoder -- ZDH Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The ZDH Series of sensors are heavy-duty, extremely rugged, reliable, yet compact encoders designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. These encoders are flange mount and conform to NEMA 4, and 13 (IP66) standards. Applications Typical applications include motion control feedback,... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Counts / Revolution: 1 to 20480
  • Output Interface: Current; NPN Open Collector
  • Count Rate: 1000
9 Bit Rotary Magnetic Sensor Chip -- AM512B
from Renishaw

The IC senses the angular position of a permanent magnet placed above the chip. The permanent magnet must be diametrically polarized and of cylindrical shape. The AM512B uses Hall sensor technology to detect the magnetic flux density distribution at the surface of the silicon. Hall sensors are... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Magnetic
  • Shaft Speed: 30000
  • Output Interface: Serial Synchronous Interface; Incremental, Analogue linear, Parallel
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 257
1366405 [E6C2CWZ5B360PR2M from OMRON Automation and Safety]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Omron E6C2 series incremental encoders output a pulse string according to the rotational displacement of an axis. The number of rotations can be detected by counting the number of pulses. Improved reliability with reverse connection and load short circuit protection. Incremental model,External... [See More]

  • Output Interface: PNP Open Collector
  • Diameter / Width: 1.97
  • Counts / Revolution: 360
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
200CPR, 3-channel Incremental Optical Encoder -- AEDS-8011-E11
from Avago Technologies

The AEDX-8xxx series are two- and three-channel transmissive optical encoders modules, designed for use in a variety of industrial appllications and automation equipments. To ensure its robustness and ease of use, the encoder is built complete with an integrated codewheel and an IP40 (Ingress... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Counts / Revolution: 200
  • Output Interface: Digital
  • Diameter / Width: 0.1575
Incremental Optical Encoder -- HS22
from BEI Sensors

The HS22 series of hollow shaft incremental encoder offers application advantages over conventional optical encoders. This heavy duty unit is designed for ease of installation to a servo motor, the encoder's flexible coupling fits over the driven motor shaft to provide an accurate, backlash-free... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Counts / Revolution: 10160
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; Comm Tracks
  • Lines / Revolution: 2540
Rotary Encoder -- MH-10 12
from Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.

Rotary encoder [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Magnetic
  • Counts / Revolution: 12
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; TTL
  • Count Rate: 20
Angle Encoder with Integral Bearing -- ROD 200

Features of the ROD Series:- Incremental measuring method- Solid shaft- Separate shaft coupling for large mounting tolerances- System accuracy does not include the deviation caused by the shaft connectionTypical field of application- Rotational axes [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Lines / Revolution: 9000 to 18000
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; TTL, Vpp
  • Rotor Inertia: 0.0028
Industrial Duty Encoder -- Series 60 Rotopulser©
from Dynapar Corp.

Dual shafts and measuring wheels are recommended for better parallel tracking in measuring applications.Series 60 Rotopulser encoders are available with line driver outputs for applications with longer cabling requirements (hundreds of feet) and/or higher signal noise immunity. [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Accuracy: 150.00
  • Counts / Revolution: 1 to 2540
  • Diameter / Width: 3.5
800 Series (Heavy Duty) -- XHI 861 Commutation
from Leine & Linde AB

Robust incremental encoder with. commutation outputs. 12 or 16 mm hollow shaft with extra. sturdy bearings. Shock and vibration protected. IP 66, encapsulation class. Short-circuit protected outputs [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Lines / Revolution: 1024 to 2560
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; Commutation
  • Diameter / Width: 3.92
Optical and Magnetic Encoders
from Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd

Encoder sensor: Optical & Magnetic. Applicable motor: SCL07-17, SBL07-12, CGE16 series [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical; Magnetic
  • Counts / Revolution: 64 to 1024
  • Output Interface: CMOS, Open Collector, Push-Pull
  • Count Rate: 55 to 500
0.625" C-Face Encoder 56C 1024 PPR -- ZRJ1024A
from Red Lion Controls, Inc.

Specifications: 1024 PPR. Thru-shaft design for easy mounting. Excellent Choice for Vector Motor Drive Control. Designed for Industrial Environments. Quadrature Output. Positive Index Pulse. Gasket Kit Included. NPN OC Output for ZRxxxxxA models [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Diameter / Width: 6.5
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; Current Sink Output
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
Bearing Shaft Encoder -- RHDi
from Renco Encoders, Inc.

Features. Rugged die cast aluminum flange and cover. 2 data channels in quadrature. Standard 90 ° index pulse. Max line counts of 8192. 500 KHz frequency response. [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Counts / Revolution: 400 to 40000
  • Output Interface: Square Wave; TTL Compatible
  • Lines / Revolution: 100 to 10000