Material:Other Linear Actuators Datasheets

Linear Actuators Smoovy Technology -- 03A S3

Extremely Light and powerful. Excellent power to volume ratio. Brushless commutation for long life. Low operating voltage. For combination with micro-planetary gearheads [See More]

  • Device Type: Rod Type
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.2756
  • Actuation Type: Electrical
  • Rated Speed: 0.0157 to 0.0787
High-Load Linear Actuator with DC Motor -- M-238
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

High Load Capacity to 400 N. Optional 0.1 Micron Direct Metrology Linearencoder for Exceptional Precision. Travel Range to 50 mm. Minimum Incremental Motion to 0.3 Micron. Max. Velocity: 30 mm/s. Preloaded Frictionless Ball Screw. MTBF > 20.000 h. Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available for 10-6 hPa [See More]

  • Actuation Type: Electrical
  • Rated Speed: 1.18
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.97
  • Rated Force: 89.92
Feed Escapement w/ Air Cylinder -- AGE-2
from AGI - American Grippers Inc.

Compact, Long Stroke Escapments - made for seperating and isolating individual parts from tracks, vibratory feeders or conveyors.Internal Sequensing & Cross porting: - make dure both rods are extended before either rod can retract, ensuring positive part feeding. Easy part jam clearing: - due to... [See More]

  • Device Type: Rod Type
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.0 to 1.25
  • Actuation Type: Pneumatic
  • Rated Force: 35
Single Axis Actuator, Cover Type -- LX15

Single Axis Actuator compact structure is achieved thru integration of ball screw, slide guide and support unit. This high precision product has short lead time and can drastically save your design and assembly time. [See More]

  • Device Type: Rodless
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.06 to 5.98
  • Actuation Type: Electrical
  • Rated Speed: 12.99
ILA In-Line Electric Cylinder -- ILA-10-HD
from Nook Industries, Inc.

Load capacities from 1/4 to 10 ton. Ball screw actuated. Keyed or non-keyed actuator tubes. Designed to have a motor or gear reducer directly coupled to the lift shaft. Keyed or non-keyed actuator tubes [See More]

  • Device Type: Rod Type
  • Rated Speed: 13.33
  • Actuation Type: Electrical
  • Rated Force: 2200
Standard Linear Actuators -- DLA Series
from Transmotec

Linear actuators DLA series in customized or standard configurations for general purpose applications. Standard stroke lengths between 50 mm and 300 mm. Power 34W and force 1200N. Potentiometer and magnetic hall sensor encoders and integrated electric noise reduction filters are available as... [See More]

  • Device Type: Rod Type
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.97 to 11.81
  • Actuation Type: Electrical
  • Rated Speed: 0.1969 to 1.38