Ball and Socket Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots Datasheets

HB Hydraulic Damper -- Size 10/28
from Bansbach Easylift® of North America, Inc.

HB-damper - hydraulic damper with adjustable damping force. With these hydraulic dampers from Bansbach ® easylift, speed in push-in and push-out direction can be adjusted very precisely. The speed is controlled in both directions. The damping intensity of these dampers can be adjusted by turning... [See More]

  • Mounting: Ball & Socket (optional feature); Clevis (optional feature); Eyelet (optional feature); Threaded Ends (optional feature); Other Specialized Mount (optional feature)
  • Absorption / Damping Action: Compression; Extension
  • Dampening Method: Hydraulic
  • Stroke: 3.94 to 19.69
Damper -- GDC50-E
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Compression dampers are designated GDCxx-x and extension dampers are GDExx-x. The stock items listed below are supplied with a mid-range damping orifice plate. Heavier or lighter damping is available. Dampers are stocked with threaded ends only. If required, please order end fittings as separate... [See More]

  • Mounting: Ball & Socket; Clevis; Eyelet; Threaded Ends; Other Specialized Mount
  • Absorption / Damping Action: Extension
  • Shock Absorber / Damper Type: Linear Damper
  • Stroke: 2