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Onsite Oil Analysis Made Easy Through Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management

On-site oil analysis can help you quickly assess equipment health – if you interpret the data correctly. Spectro Scientific’s MicroLab® is a compact, fully automated, on-site oil analyzer. Its embedded expert system translates data into specific maintenance actions. Paired with our LubeTrak® system companies can develop effective asset management programs.

Date: February 11, 2016
Time: 11 AM EST (8 AM PST / 5:00 PM CET)
Duration: 1 hour
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Testing oil on-site can save companies time and money compared to waiting for outside lab reports. However, limited space for lab equipment and/or a shortage of technical personnel can prevent implementation. This presentation introduces Spectro Scientific's MicroLab - a fully automated, easy-to-operate on-site oil analyzer. The MicroLab provides a detailed analytical report and its embedded expert system translates the data into suggested maintenance actions specific to your equipment.

Attendees will discover how to take oil analysis beyond the health diagnostics of stand-alone equipment. By pairing the MicroLab with Spectro Scientific's LubeTrak system, users can leverage oil analysis reports to develop company-wide maintenance and asset management programs. Learn how lab-quality results, along with detailed diagnostic statements, are less than 20 minutes away with the MicroLab, compared to days or weeks away with an outside laboratory.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what oil analysis can tell about your equipment
  • Discover Spectro Scientific's MicroLab, a compact on-site oil analyzer easily operated by your staff
  • Learn how to develop maintenance and asset management programs using Spectro Scientific's MicroLab and LubeTrak systems
  • Review real life success stories involving the MicroLab and LubeTrak systems


Janet Keefe, Global Product Manager, Spectro Scientific

Janet Keefe is Global Product Manager for Spectro Scientific's fleet solutions business. Her background includes extensive experience in the chemical industry with a focus on product management. Keefe graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS degree in Chemistry. She holds an MBA from Seton Hall University.

Jim Greer, Director, Business Services Division, Spectro Scientific

Jim Greer is Spectro Scientific's Director of the newly created Business Services Division. His analytical background began during the first Gulf War where he managed the U.S. Army's oil analysis program in both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Greer comes to Spectro Scientific from the recent acquisition of On-Site Analysis. In his 20 years at On-Site Analysis he has held positions from Service Manager to President. Mr. Greer holds a BBA from the University of Georgia.