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How Does New Technology Benefit Steam Flow Measurement for Power Generation?

This webinar describes new flow measurement technology for high pressure and high temperature steam and gas flow applications. Attendees will learn about how this technology can benefit steam generation by improving overall accuracy while also dramatically increasing the dynamic range and all but eliminating periodic maintenance and measurement drift.

Date: April 26, 2017
Time: 10 AM EDT (7 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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Measurement technology continues to evolve to address difficult process applications. One such application is high pressure / high temperature gas and steam flow measurement such as those found in combined cycle and coal fired power plants or chemical production processes. Until now, very few measurement options have been available for these applications, and most depend on a differential pressure element or mechanical device to measure flow rates. These devices have a limited dynamic range which impairs the operational performance of the steam generator or process plant, while also creating significant installation and maintenance challenges.

In this webinar presentation, attendees will learn about the newest flow measurement technology for flowing pressures exceeding 2000 PSIG and temperatures above 1000 degrees F. Based on 40 years of experience with this principle, the OPTISONIC 8300F, a new ultrasonic time of flight measurement instrument that has evolved from prior versions, is now available from KROHNE.

The 8300F is a very unique solution with no moving parts and no flow obstructions that is simple to install, requires no maintenance and that will not drift over time. Typical use cases such as utility steam generator production rates and chemical processes will be discussed and specific application examples from plant processes will be explained.

Key Take-Aways

  • Discover survey results from 100 power plant operators about steam measurement challenges
  • Learn the hidden cost of poorly operating mechanical or differential pressure based flow measuring devices
  • Understand how a wide dynamic range is of great benefit to operational performance in the new operating paradigm that features renewable power sources
  • Gain insight into the newest measurement technology for superheated steam or high pressure gas


Joe Incontri, Director of Marketing North America, KROHNE, Inc.

Joe Incontri has been involved in the world of instrumentation since graduating from Vanier College in Montreal in 1978. His experience with some of the world's foremost instrument manufacturers in roles such as project management, sales, technical services and in marketing have rounded his knowledge across a variety of industries.

Today, as Director of Marketing for KROHNE, Inc., based in Peabody, MA, Joe is responsible for all marketing communications and product marketing activity throughout North America. He has been with KROHNE since 2002 and is currently the past chairman of the MCAA (The Measurement, Controls and Automation Association).

Dick Laan, Ultrasonic Product Group Manager, KROHNE Altometer

Dick Laan is Product Manager for Ultrasonic Products for KROHNE Altometer, the production plant for all OPTISONIC ultrasonic meters marketed by KROHNE worldwide.

Based in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Dick is responsible for all of the design elements and application details for this extensive product line which features solutions for liquids and gases suitable for cryogenic or ultrahigh temperatures and for very light to very viscous fluids in a variety of form factors, including in line or clamp on versions.

Dick is the author of several technical papers on the subject of ultrasonic flow measurement and has been with KROHNE since 2002.