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Designing Low Cost, Lightweight Robotics for Manufacturing

The field of manufacturing is ever-more reliant on lightweight low-cost robotic systems to keep up with rapidly changing industry and plant demand. In this brief webinar, discover the history of robotics in manufacturing, classify modern robotic options, and learn about current and future applications and developments in the field.

Date: October 17, 2017
Time: 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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In order to operate successfully in today's fast-paced and global market, manufacturing agility and output is paramount. The manufacturing field is growing more and more reliant on modular lightweight, low-cost robotic systems to perform a range of tasks to keep up with the rapidly changing demand.

Unlike large scale industrial robotic systems, lightweight robots allow for lighter, easier movement in smaller spaces. A number of lightweight robotic systems are available on the market from manufacturers such as Universal Robots, ABB, and KUKA, which are fully assembled standardized systems complete with drive. Other manufacturers, such as igus, offer robotic joint systems, which are modular, enabling them to fit into very small spaces, as well as easily adjust to different tasks. These systems, while used to complete similar tasks, are actually very different technologies with their own advantages and drawbacks.

Global demand, partnered with fast changes in technology in the medical industry means that manufacturing is constantly evolving. A traditional manufacturing facility, even one utilizing lightweight robotic arms, is not designed for these types of fluctuations. The inability to quickly adapt and change robotic systems can lead to plant backup and lost potential sales, or expensive changes to a plant's setup and organization.

In this brief webinar, discover the history of robotics in the manufacturing industry, classify modern robotic options in a range of categories including customizable robotic joints, and learn about current and future applications and developments in the field of low cost robotics.

Key Take-Aways

  • Uncover the history of robotics in manufacturing
  • Classify types of modern robotic options
  • Learn the possibilities of robotic system customization
  • Discuss future prospects and developments of low cost and light weight robotics


Preston Souza, Product Specialist, igus Inc.

Preston Souza has been a member of the igus Inc. team for the past 4+ years, recently taking over as Product Specialist for the robolink line. Preston and his fiancé reside in Scituate, RI, and enjoy traveling as much as possible.