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Real-time Engine Oil Analysis for Mission-critical Applications With the New MiniLab EL Series Analyzer

Real-time, comprehensive engine oil analysis is needed for immediate decision making in mission critical applications such as aerospace, racing engine development and quality control. Attendees will learn how Spectro Scientific’s MiniLab EL Series engine oil analyzer delivers lab quality oil analysis data with only 5 ml of oil in 5 minutes, without the hassle of setting up an oil analysis lab on-site.

Originally presented: September 14, 2017
Duration: 1 hour
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In mission-critical applications such as military, aerospace or racing engine development, or in large engine maintenance facilities such as railway and power generation facilities, real-time, comprehensive lab quality oil analysis data is needed for immediate decision making. Setting up a full scale on-site oil analysis lab is expensive with hidden costs for labor, facility, environmental and safety overhead.

Spectro Scientific's newly introduced MiniLab EL Series is an environmentally friendly engine oil analysis tool that produces laboratory quality oil analysis data in 5 minutes. It is fully ASTM compliant, without the need for special facility requirements or chemicals and less than 5 ml of engine oil.

Attendees will learn how to utilize this new non-destructive inspection (NDI) tool for various applications that was not possible previously. The applications range from engine development and production quality control to large engine maintenance for railway and generation set fleets.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn why engine oil analysis is an effective tool for engine development, quality control and maintenance
  • Understand how real time oil analysis data can be applied to mission critical applications to help engineers make confident, knowledge-based decisions
  • Learn how real-time, laboratory quality oil analysis data can be obtained with the new MiniLab EL Series oil analyzer
  • Discover how MiniLab EL can change people's perception about on site oil analysis and oil analysis labs


Ken Caldwell, Product Manager, Industrial Solutions, Spectro Scientific

Ken Caldwell is Spectro Scientific's product manager for industrial solutions. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Caldwell has worked as an engineer and held a variety technical product marketing/ product management roles for organizations providing products and services for applications and markets including analytical instrumentation, industrial processing and semiconductor manufacturing.