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Reliable 2-phase Flow Measurement in the Food Industry

Coriolis with EGM™ is enabling technology for new potential for process automation. A Coriolis mass flowmeter, immune to homogeneously or sporadically introduced air, enables repeatable and accurate mass flow and density measurements even though the product to be measured contains air or gas. See how to overcome common practices to avoid air in your production process for food or dairy products by using the additional EGM™ (entrained gas management) functionality.

Date: May 9, 2018
Time: 10 AM EDT (7 AM PDT / 4:00 PM CEST)
Duration: 1 hour
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Reliable 2-phase Flow Measurement in the Food Industry: Coriolis with EGM™ is enabling technology for new potential for process automation

It has always been a great challenge to control a process where wanted or unwanted air in the food or dairy product is present.

Think of sporadic air content caused by the unloading of milk or through agitating a product that causes existing volume or mass flow measurement to indicate a false reading. Also a homogeneous distributed air or gas entrainment in yogurt, mayonnaise or frozen ice cream does not effect the precise measurement.

A two phase flow with liquid and solids with e.g. spinach or also ground meat with air entrainment are subject to now being measured in line with Coriolis mass flow and density measurement - enabled through EGM™ entrained gas measurement by KROHNE OPTIMASS.

Where traditional Coriolis measurement had to be safeguarded by an air separator for example in the milk intake KROHNE eliminates the necessity of this costly safety equipment with a large footprint. Direct in line density measurement of aerated products eliminates the need of periodical sample taking and its retrospective correction of products that might already have been packaged.

Shear sensitive products like yogurt with low fat content where air and stabilizers do account for the firmness of the product can evenly be measured through EGM™ where the measurement is being done in a single straight tube design.

Enabling measurement instrumentation by KROHNE, where we invite all participants to also look at our additional instrumentation with added value, as well as solutions for measuring viscosity of non-newtonian fluids or providing an in line measurement for protein, fat, lactose, FFA or COD value.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn where air or gas entrainment has been a challenge in food applications and how to overcome this by the enabling technology EGM™ entrained gas management in OPTIMASS
  • Displace the offline lab sampling into your process pipe by in line, real-time process density measurement of aerated products
  • Benefit from three examples, where EGM™ has overcome problems with traditional measurement and safeguard process engineering
  • See how KROHNE provides the full product portfolio for instrumentation for food & beverage production
  • Added value in virtually every discipline of measurement instrumentation


Ryan Kromhout, Global Industry Division Food Manager, KROHNE

Ryan Kromhout brings a diverse set of process instrumentation and automation in terms of experience, working in demanding flow applications over hygienic valves through the physical layer for signal transmission and a uniform access to device intelligence.

After his engagement with Emerson Process Management, Brooks Instrument, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH and Turck, Ryan leads the Global Industry Division Food for the KROHNE Group.