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Zeus Drawn Fiber Essentials: Chemical Overview and Properties Comparison - Part 2 of 2

Zeus drawn fibers are performance fibers and offer enhanced mechanical attributes beyond ordinary extruded monofilaments. Part II of this two-part webinar series discusses some of the distinctive attributes of fluoropolymer and PEEK resins and how you can use this information to choose the best drawn fiber product for you.

Originally presented: November 7, 2017
Duration: 1 hour
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Zeus drawn fibers are performance fibers and are a special case of monofilament extrusions. These fibers can be used in a variety of applications ranging from hose and catheter braiding, weaves, guitar strings, and fishing line, to name but a few. Zeus drawn fiber incorporates the additional step of draw-down post-extrusion. In this presentation, we describe how this process affects polymer chains within the fiber, leading to enhanced mechanical properties compared to simple extruded monofilament. We follow our discussion of drawn fiber processing with a continuation of our review of some of the specifics of drawn fiber polymer resins.

Zeus produces drawn fiber in multiple resins, including PVDF, FEP, ETFE, PFA, ECTFE, and PEEK. Of particular interest is that many of these drawn fibers are created from fluoropolymer resins. In Pt. I of our two part webinar series, we use PVDF as a model to discuss some of the underlying reasons for fluoropolymer attributes. Building on this discussion, here in Pt. II we delve a little deeper into explanations that provide greater insight into properties of fluoropolymers. We introduce information on FEP, ETFE, PFA, ECTFE, and PEEK, and lay a framework for further properties comparisons. We also describe some of the unique properties of PEEK and how it differs from fluoropolymers. Drawn Fiber Essentials Pt. II provides educational and practical information you can use as you explore your fiber options.

With our processing capabilities, we can often control and customize your drawn fiber to suit specific applications. Properties such as tensile strength, elongation, or tensile modulus can be modified within limits to accommodate demanding working conditions and specialty uses. This presentation provides a limited overview of drawn fiber characteristics, a brief primer on fluorine chemistry as it relates to fluoropolymers, and a short survey of several fiber properties of popular interest.

Key Take-Aways

  • Zeus Drawn Fibers are performance fibers designed for difficult or harsh operating environments.
  • These fibers benefit from the combination of extrusion followed by draw-down to enhance their mechanical properties.
  • Fluoropolymers possess especially favorable properties for industrial and medical applications stemming from their incorporation of fluorine.
  • PEEK differs from fluoropolymers fundamentally but possesses many desirable properties rivalling the most popular fluoropolymers.
  • Zeus can customize mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation, or tensile modulus of our drawn fibers to accommodate many applications.


Dr. Kevin J. Bigham, Technical Writer, Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

Dr. Bigham began his career at the College of Charleston where he earned undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. From there, Dr. Bigham trained at the Medical University of South Carolina earning his PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and later focused on drug discovery and teaching. Dr. Bigham joined Zeus in 2016 and uses his diverse scientific knowledge to produce varied content for the company's technical and lay audiences.