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Select The Right Requirements Management Solution

A panel discussion on the importance of managing your requirements management.

Date: November 21, 2017
Time: 2 PM EST (11 AM PST)
Duration: 1 hour
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Increasingly complex products designed with a mix of hardware, software, and connectivity are reshaping industries and redefining competition. With this added complexity, requirements are also growing. Organizations need a solid requirements management process in place be successful. Join the host Michelle Boucher, Vice President Tech-Clarity, for a 50-minute interview. The panel will discuss why using a Requirements Management solution is important and how you can make the right software selection.

The interview will cover:

- The Business Value of Requirements Management

- How to identify specific requirements needs

- How to select the right solution for your organization

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the Business Value of Requirements Management
  • Discover how to identify specific requirements needs
  • Understand how to select the right solution for your organization


Michelle Boucher, Vice President of Research for Tech-Clarity, Tech-Clarity

Michelle Boucher is the Vice President of Research for Tech-Clarity. Michelle has spent over 20 years in various roles in engineering, marketing, management, and as an analyst. She has broad experience with topics such as product design, simulation, systems engineering, mechatronics, embedded systems, PCB design, improving product performance, process improvement, and mass customization. Ms. Boucher is an experienced researcher and author and has benchmarked over 7000 product development professionals and published over 90 reports on product development best practices. She focuses on helping companies manage the complexity of today's products, markets, design environments, and value chains to achieve higher profitability.

Christopher Rösner, General Requirements Manager, e.GO mobile AG

Christopher is the General Requirements Manager for the e.GO mobile AG, a young e-mobility start-up in Germany. He is responsible for all three products due to release in the near future.

Furthermore, Christopher is the system administrator of the requirements management tool used at e.GO and responsible for process definitions and system configurations.

Christopher studied mechanical engineering and business administration at the RWTH Aachen University and the Tsinghua University Beijing achieving master degrees from both institutes. His first contact with requirements management was during his master's thesis for the RWTH Aachen, dealing with the traceability of requirements in agile product development projects.

For the one and a half years Christopher now is working in the field of requirements management, his main focus is on establishing a requirements management process supporting the agile development of physical products. This demands a requirements management tool allowing simple and effective changes of requirements while offering the developers always the relevant information needed for the current development scope.

Che Curnew, Senior Technical Sales Specialist, PTC

Che Curnew is a Senior Technical Sales Specialist with PTC, and a certified scrum master with more than ten years of experience helping hardware and software teams work better. Che´s work is with a strong focus on Requirements and Test Management. His experience spans implementations from 10's of users to global rollouts with over 1000 users.