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How Can a Limit Switch Box Simplify and Reduce Installation and Commissioning Time?

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Originally presented: May 3, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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Rotork has released a new limit switch box, known as the Lite Switch, as part of the L Series switch boxes, which includes feedback for the open or closed position of a valve. The Lite Switch box provides a dedicated weatherproof and intrinsically safe solution for industrial applications.

This new product is an engineered resin or aluminum limit switch box that has been designed specifically with easy wiring and installation in mind, plus a simplified cable routing process during commissioning and installation. This will save an average of 120 seconds per installation (compared to alternative products) thanks to a dedicated mounting system and reduced lid fixing points. The high visibility dome indicator and simple cable routing also assist in its ease of use.

This new limit switch's enclosure is constructed either from a strong resin or from pressure cast aluminum. The resin option allows for high corrosion and oxidation resistance. No polycarbonate has been used to avoid any cracking, aging or discoloring. It is ideal for water, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The aluminum option guarantees maximum strength where robustness is essential; the polyester powder coating and smooth finishing ensures maximum resistance to outdoor environments. This makes it suitable for general industrial and power applications.

Key Takeaways

  • Limit switch box application into valve automation industry.
  • Lite Switch design and mounting interface helping the user creating compact packages.
  • Lite Switch replying to need of installation and commissioning time saving.
  • Product line features and flexibility across market requirements


Leonardo Ongetta, Product Manager, Pneumatic Actuation and Positioning, Rotork

Leonardo Ongetta owns a bachelor's in mechanical engineer. He has filled several roles from design engineer to technical support and outside sales, for a limit switch boxes company. He joined Rotork in 2015 as product manager for limit switch boxes and positioners. During 2020 he added to his portfolio the responsibility of light duty pneumatic actuators.