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Leveraging Robots for Smart Industry

Robots are the tools taking action with intelligence gathered in smart environments. They excel at laborious tasks such as assembly, pick and place, testing and inspection and packaging. Now digital and motion control innovations are expanding the role of robots in modern manufacturing and industry.

Originally presented: June 18, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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The sensors and analytics provided by Industry 4.0 means that engineers and manufacturers have more production intelligence than ever - but it is worthless without the systems to apply to that intelligence to manufacturing. Cue the industrial robots.

Increasingly, situations and environments that exposed humans to tedious, laborious or dangerous work has become the domain of robots. This includes articulated robots for tasks like assembly, painting or welding. Pick-and-place robots and automated guided vehicles transport heavy cargo in warehouses. Machine vision provides visual inspection for anything from component quality to inventory tracking to oil and gas facilities. And today, collaborative robots mark the era where human and robot work side-by-side.

Robots provide the actionable process intelligence that will identify more opportunities to optimize manufacturing. Few businesses will be able to realize lights-out manufacturing - a 24/7 seamless manufacturing operation that can run in the dark due to its lack of human workers.


Barry Manz, Technical Editorial Expert / Owner, Manz Communications, Inc.

Founded Manz Communications, Inc., in 1986 to provide editorial and media relations services for companies with a highly-technical message to convey. Since then, the company has provided these services for more than 120 companies and Barry Manz has written more than 1,000 technical, product-related, opinion, and application-type articles for more than 50 online and print trade publications. Other services include white papers, technical papers, ap notes, blogs, and Web content.

Justin Garski, OEM Segment Lead, Rockwell Automation, Inc.

For over 20 years Justin has been connected with robotics, independent cart, and automation. Spending time in field service, engineering, and then sales, he has continued to gain knowledge and industry experience in a wide variety of applications.

David Lafferty, President, Scientific Technical Services

With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, David provides business development, pre-sales support, advisory services, and digital transformation consulting for the oil and gas segment, emphasizing the energy sector's digitalization.

Before STS, David was at the BP Chief Technology Office (CTO), where he spearheaded a wide range of innovative projects, including:

• Developing the "Digital Umbrella" concept and the resulting ISA100.15 effort
• Wireless Measurements systems including WirelessHART, ISA100, corrosion and passive sensors
• Predictive Analytics
• Mobility projects

David serves on the Leadership Team for Global Energy Mentors - a volunteer organization that mentors startups in the energy sector to obtain their first formal funding round.

David has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Edgar Sotter, Senior Director of New Product Technology, CSA Group

Edgar Sotter is a Senior Director of New Product Technology in the CSA Group. His team looks to the technology horizon for new developments and applications that could present opportunities for CSA's Test, Inspection and Certification business.

Prior to joining CSA, Edgar worked as Senior Director, Product Strategies & Client Solutions at Systems with Intelligence Inc. (SWI), a manufacturer of monitoring products for the electrical sector.

Edgar has 20 years of combined academic, technical and business experience. He has a PhD in electronic engineering from Universidad Rovira I Virgili (Spain), an Executive MBA from the University of Toronto (Canada) and a Bachelor's of Science in electronic engineering from Universidad del Norte (Colombia).

Russ Waddell, Managing Director, MTConnect Institute

Russ Waddell is the Managing Director for the MTConnect Institute, the ANSI-accredited standards developer for the MTConnect standard with 400+ members. He is responsible for day-to-day business operations and standards development activity. Prior to this role, he worked at AMT as an Industry Economist where he provided statistical research for sales and marketing in the manufacturing technology industry. He holds a BA in Economics from The College of William and Mary.