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What's Fueling Innovation in 2024? Interview Series

In a thought-provoking interview, engineers, experts and executives share their thoughts on the technological, market and social factors that are driving engineering innovation and adoption of key technologies. AI. E-mobility. Automation. Renewables. Industry 4.0. Energy storage. Wireless networks. Wearables. Semiconductors. Aerial vehicles. Simulation. Supply chain. And more!

Next Session: June 17, 2024 | 4 Sessions On Demand
Duration (Per Session): 20


In this enlightening videocast, an array of engineers, experts, and executives explore and dissect the technical landscape of engineering innovation. These engaging discussions focus on the development and adoption of key technologies that are shaping the present day and future.

Automation and its various forms – robotics, data acquisition, simulation, and more – remain a key focus area for many industries. This is addressing some of the key challenges faced by manufacturers today, including labor, productivity, and efficiency.

A primary driver of modern innovation is the development of sustainable transportation and energy systems. This necessitates unprecedented disruption not only to revamp existing vehicles and infrastructure but also to bring about vital changes in how energy is generated, distributed, stored, and utilized.

Not to be overlooked are the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries, which deliver the power electronics, digital networks, interfaces, and computing power required to make all of this possible.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads everywhere; it is a transformative force permeating most industries and fundamentally redefining efficiency and optimization.

Each of these elements contributes to modern engineering, showcasing the interconnected nature of technological advancements and their impact on various sectors.

These interviews serve as a valuable resource for professionals seeking insights into the forces driving technological evolution – and provide insights into the strategies and solutions of today's engineering thought leaders.

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