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Thermoplastic Material Selection and Proper Specification Writing for Aerospace Industry

Thermoplastic material choices can be overwhelming and confusing. With a slant to the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, this Quadrant webinar will help ease the confusion. Attendees will be provided with material selection tools, metal-to-plastic application examples, and hints for effective material specification writing.

Date: August 24, 2017
Time: 10 AM EDT (7 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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Thermoplastic material choices can be overwhelming and confusing. This webinar will review Quadrant's Thermoplastic Material Selection Tool to simplify choosing the right product for your application. Following the introduction of the Selection Tool, we'll cover why plastics & composites are ideal in the aviation, aerospace, & defense industries and highlight examples of metal to plastic conversions from structures, wings, and hydraulics to nacelles, landing gear, and on-board solutions.

Finally, Quadrant will review how to properly write a polymer/composite material specification, taking into account the various processing techniques to avoid common confusion and mistakes which can lead to potential catastrophic design failures. This webinar is designed to help engineers, designers, maintenance personnel, and even purchasing agents gain comfort and reduce confusion to successfully achieve the tremendous benefits of polymers.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn the Quadrant Thermoplastic Materials Triangle as a tool for easy material selection
  • Discover the benefits of using plastics/composites in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries
  • View application examples of metal to plastic conversions
  • Learn proper material specification writing to avoid confusion


Jim Hebel, Application Development & Technical Service Manager, Quadrant EPP Inc.

Jim Hebel has been in the plastics industry more than 16 years. In his current role as the Application Development and Technical Service Manager for Quadrant EPP North America, his role today is to help engineers and end-users with advanced engineered thermoplastic material questions; including material selection, specification, and plastics training. Ultimately, he strives to ensure that engineers have a positive experience with plastics so that they are able to fully recognize the outstanding benefits from using these materials versus the traditional.