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Discovering Load Cell Variations: Featuring Thru-Hole and Load Button Load Cells Webinar

FUTEK engineers have worked vigorously to dispel the notion that certain load cell families are unable to reach optimum accuracy and precision. In fact, two load cell families exist within FUTEK’s product line that offer the highest in both accuracy and precision. These load cells are the Thru-Hole Load Cell Series and the Load Button Load Cell Series.

Date: September 20, 2012
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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The test and measurement industry is not exempt from its share of challenges. Typically, performance-based challenges, like accuracy, precision, and longevity, pose as possible deterrents for purchasing agents and engineers looking for a sensor solution. Understanding this challenge, FUTEK's team of engineers vowed to develop load cells that achieved the highest in performance values.

In this presentation, FUTEK's Director of Engineering, Richard Walker, highlights these heightened performance values when reviewing FUTEK's Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells and Load Button Load Cells. With an impressive capacity range of 1 lb to 600,000 lbs, both FUTEK's Thru-Hole Load Cells and Load Button Load Cells are proficient in applications from the robust, such as automation testing, to the delicate, such as medical research testing.

Throughout the presentation, attendees will view multiple industry-specific application diagrams and live demonstration videos illustrating the versatility and agility of these load cells. Attendees will explore several possible configurations of testing platforms, including adding electronic components and software to provide the highest in accuracy and precision.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand best practices for designing and implementing Thru-Hole and Load Button Load Cells in your test system.
  • Learn how environmental factors impact the performance of these specific Load Cells.
  • Discover how the integration of Thru-Hole and Load Button Load Cells with electronic components can help you achieve the highest precision and accuracy.


Richard Walker, Director of Engineering, FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

Richard Walker is FUTEK's Director of Engineering. He has over thirteen years of industry experience, including design and development of FUTEK's standard product lines as well as custom transducers. As head of the engineering team, he participates in a broad variety of projects, all of which demand consistent product accuracy with respect to challenging application environments, operating with a reliable cost analysis, and implementation of documentation standards that are compliant with ISO17025, A2LA, and ISO9001:2008. Richard also has extensive knowledge of finite element analysis as well as extensive experience generating tooling for increased production output.