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Electromagnetic Simulation Growth in the Product Development Cycle

Product development is becoming more challenging due to stricter regulations, and reduced development times and budgets for prototyping and testing. The necessity to add more electronics into new products is making their design more challenging and sensitive to electromagnetic phenomena and effects. This webinar will show how different EM software tools are used in different processes and workflows to tackle these product design challenges.

Date: July 20, 2017
Time: 9 AM EDT (6 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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New technologies are demanding more advanced features and the number of electronic, electrical and communication systems continues to grow across many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, military, consumer electronics and IoT. From an electromagnetic point of view, this situation is making the product design more challenging. By working with digital prototypes and using electromagnetic simulation, companies are able to study new concepts, have mature antenna designs earlier, anticipate potential EMC problems and reduce the number of prototypes and measurements.

Electromagnetic simulation in Altair's HyperWorks CAE simulation platform covers applications from antenna design and placement, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radar cross section (RCS), RF and microwave devices and wave propagation modelling, through to electric rotating machines, actuators, sensors, high power electrical equipment, and touch screens.

Using novel real examples and use cases, some related to autonomous and connected vehicles, IoT and advanced aircraft, this webinar will show how the different EM software tools are used in different processes and workflows related to product design or validation. Attendees will learn how other tools in the HyperWorks suite are used for complex model clean-up and meshing, electronic circuit modelling, design of experiments and advanced optimization, as well as workload management and job scheduling.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand Altair's overall solutions for EM simulation
  • Learn about other key tools in HyperWorks complementing the EM solutions
  • Learn how EM simulation is being used in product development
  • Discover new and real use cases


Dr. Jordi Soler, Director of Global Business Development, Electromagnetic Solutions, Altair Engineering Inc.

Dr. Jordi Soler is Director of Global Business Development for Altair's electromagnetic solutions, including FEKO electromagnetic simulation software, one of Jordi's passions since 2000. Jordi has 17+ years' industrial experience and a strong background in electromagnetics and in computational electromagnetics related to multiple areas, including antennas, EMC, RCS and electronics. He has occupied several business development and engineering management positions and led multiple product development projects for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, wireless and telecommunications. He has won several international awards and is co-inventor of +20 patents involved in licensing deals worth more than $70 million.