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Performance testing and evaluation of power plants: Stationary installed ultrasonic flowmeters as an option for performance testing

This presentation explains a new metering approach for performance testing considering the application’s specific requirements. The conventional metering solution will be shown and the successful implementation of ultrasonic flowmeters will be detailed.

Originally presented: September 12, 2019
Duration: 1 hour
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Performance testing and evaluation of thermal power plants is one of the pivotal final steps in the commissioning phase of a power plant and is critical to its financial success.

This webinar covers performance testing along with its specific requirements. In operation, periodically conducted performance tests improve the plant's efficiency, such as after retrofits or plant optimization. Temporarily installed process instrumentation typically is used for this purpose. Stationary installed ultrasonic flow meters for feedwater, reheat and condensate can help to reduce effort, cost and time for the project.

The webinar will address the typical process conditions and the related accuracy requirements, including flow references. Attendees will then learn how to address the requirements by properly installing and implementing a flow metering solution.

In addition, the physics and specific design details of the applicable ultrasonic flowmeters, which are quite new for this type of high temperature flow application, will be explained to complement this specialized application.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the fundamentals of performance testing applied in thermal power stations
  • Understand the influence of the meter uncertainty on the uncertainty of performance testing calculation
  • Know why the installation and the process conditions have a major impact on the meter design
  • Understand the basic principle of ultrasonic flow measurement and other applied flow metering technologies for this application.


Stefan Kranz, Business Development Manager Thermal Power Generation, KROHNE Global Industry Division Power Generation

Stefan Kranz is a technical enthusiast and mechanical engineer specialized in process dynamics and control.

He has spent more than 25 years in process control instrumentation, gaining in-depth knowledge of different flow metering technologies with a focus on ultrasonic flow meters, particularly in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Refining, and other industrial sectors. Since 2011, Stefan has focused on applications in the thermal power generation processes and has been involved in optimization projects like load flexibility enhancement. Stefan now leads the international Industry Division Power Generation at KROHNE.