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How to 3D Print Welding Fixtures

Traditional fixtures for welding are either general-use and difficult to assemble or highly customized and costly. In this webinar, we'll share how 3D printed welding fixtures can alleviate many of these problems with quick-turnaround custom fixturing to save cost and time in your production environment.

Date: July 25, 2018
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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Setting up fixtures for complex welding tasks can be time consuming and difficult to reproduce with consistency. On the other hand, a common solution to this - custom-machining welding fixtures - is expensive, especially if multiple iterations need to be created. However, by 3D printing welding fixtures with industrial-strength material, welding fixtures can be custom-tailored to the job quickly and affordably.

In this webinar, Markforged Content Engineer Alex Crease will demonstrate how fixturing for custom, complex welding jobs can be made easily with 3D printing. He will cover the many benefits of using additive manufacturing as a support for welding tasks, including precision, cost, and improved efficiency in setup and teardown.

Not all 3D printing materials are ideal for this application, so we'll cover why the features of an industrial-grade material and additive manufacturing system are important, including high heat deflection temperature and part rigidity. We'll also share footage of 3D printed welding fixtures in action and demonstrate how you can implement 3D printed welding fixtures in your machine shop operations to lower costs and improve efficiency, precision, and job repeatability and consistency.

Besides welding fixtures, this webinar will also cover supporting techniques. This includes 3D printed custom risers and mounts that can help manage heat and better implement traditional welding clamps. We'll also cover 3D printed alignment jigs and check gauges to help improve quality control.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how quick-turnaround 3D printed welding fixtures can increase shop efficiency
  • Discover how 3D printing your welding fixtures can cut production costs over traditional custom welding fixtures
  • See how the set up time of general-use fixturing is greatly reduced with 3D printed components


Alex Crease, Content Engineer, Markforged

Alex Crease graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in robotics, where he researched 3D printing materials and helped found the school's 3D printing studio. He is an Application Engineer at Markforged with a passion for robots, 3D printing, and uncovering the limits of new manufacturing technologies.