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Which vacuum blower provides optimal fume removal effectiveness?

In fume evacuation systems, it’s important to have the correct blower size, style and efficiency to prolong your system. Join this webinar to learn how to choose the right blower/motor for your fume evacuation system, and what you’ll need to consider when increasing the effectiveness of the system.

Originally presented: April 17, 2019
Duration: 1 hour
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Surgery, welding, engraving and dermatology all have something in common: they need to remove fumes/particulate from work areas. In medical fume evacuation, many manufacturers need small, precise vacuum capabilities. In industrial applications, a more rugged vacuum motor may be preferable due to particulate in the air, it may also be larger than a medical fume evacuation blower. Size, speed control, and life are major considerations when you are reviewing a fume evacuation system and making sure it works at the highest possible level.

Throughout this webinar we will review what type of vacuum blower/motor is best for different applications - do you need a light-duty blower or a heavy-duty blower and how do you decide which you need? Single vacuum blower systems vs. multiple blower systems - should you be using open loop or closed loop speed control to maximize the efficiency of the fume evacuation system. What customizations are available to prolong life and increase effectiveness of the vacuum system: silicone coated electronics, filter, tach output or stainless steel parts? Do you need a blower with special anodized coatings due to caustic fumes?

All these considerations can influence your decision concerning fume evacuation systems and ensure you have the best vacuum blower in the system you choose. AMETEK has a full product line of light, heavy and environmental duty blowers that will fit your fume evacuation needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Size matters - depending on your application you may need a brushed, brushless or environmental blower
  • Specific customizations are available with our motors to increase their life in fume evacuation systems
  • Single vs. multiple blower systems -open loop vs closed loop control, etc.


Kevin Martin, Applications Engineering Manager, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions

Kevin Martin has 10 years of experience in taking new technologies to market in the fume evacuation industry. For the last five years, Kevin Martin has helped companies around the world design and implement blower solutions. He has trained customers, consultants and system integrators on the proper use of blowers. Kevin is the applications manager for AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions.