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Advancements in Automotive Bonding and Protective Films

The automotive and transportation market requires many specialty adhesive applications for bonding and attachment materials both inside and outside vehicles. Fabrico and 3M have a partnership to help you create the best solution to any challenging situation requiring tapes, protective materials, and more.

Date: August 20, 2019
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT / 8:00 PM CEST)
Duration: 1 hour
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Today's transportation market, and particularly the automotive segment, is constantly evolving and leveraging new technologies. Automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers are focused on utilizing new ways to improve product performance, increase manufacturing efficiencies and reduce cost.

This evolution is clearly evident in the ongoing transition from traditional mechanical fasteners to specialty adhesive materials for bonding and attachment applications both inside and outside of the vehicle. Vehicle weather stripping, emblem, interior trim and headliner attachment applications are all areas where high tech adhesives now play a significant role.

The use of product protection films in the transportation market is also a growing trend. Protective films are being used for on the manufacturing floor, during vehicle shipment and also in the aftermarket for scratch and chip prevention. Protective film die cut parts are also being used for screen protection on LCDs used in vehicle electronic applications.

The Fabrico / 3M webinar will highlight 3M's latest materials, adhesives, and application techniques. Fabrico's capabilities to recommend the correct materials, provide engineering and development assistance, offer rapid prototypes and material testing, fabricate and offer logistical support will also be an important part of the presentation.

Focus Areas:

  • 3M™ Transfer Tapes - high-performance attachment systems for bonding automotive accessory and trim parts. These transfer tapes utilize acrylic adhesives and are compliant with multiple automotive OEM standards.
  • 3M™ Double Coated Tapes - double coated acrylic tapes for bonding interior stainless steel, ABS, Polypropylene and other elastomeric materials for automotive applications.
  • 3M™ Protective Film and Tape Materials - ensure that plastic and painted metal automotive surfaces are protected beginning on the assembly line until final delivery to the customer.
  • Fabrico provides 3M tape solutions including nameplate attachment, seating and cockpit applications. Material recommendation, prototypes and testing, fabrication and packaging techniques will be discussed.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain knowledge of 3M's latest materials, adhesives, and application techniques.
  • Learn about Fabrico's capabilities to recommend materials, provide engineering solutions, fabricate and offer logistical support.
  • Understand where key 3M materials can be applied in the automotive industry.


Jamie Cucinelli, Business Development, Fabrico

Jamie Cucinelli has worked in the fabrication industry for 30 years in various roles from manufacturing, design, engineering, sales & marketing at Light Fab/Fabrico. Jamie is an industry leader, working closely with 3M and other suppliers to help provide fabricated material solutions for automotive OEMs and respective tier supplier engineers.