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Industrial Ethernet and Time Sensitive Networking Solutions: Will your solutions be on time?

Industrial Automation networking is transitioning from proprietary to standards-based solutions. The expansion of the IEEE 802.1q specs is paving the way to deterministic, low-latency Industrial Automation over Ethernet. This webinar will introduce Microchip’s involvement in, and networking solutions for, Time Sensitive Networks (TSN).

Originally presented: November 25, 2019
Duration: 1 hour
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Ethernet networks are ubiquitous. Offices, buildings, factories, utilities and even homes all have Ethernet networks. Most of these networks use standard protocols such as TCP/IP. While TCP provides a certain level of guarantees through delivery confirmations, IP is a best-effort protocol without service guarantees. This does not lend itself to the rigorous demands of an Industrial Automation network.

Starting with the AVB (Audio Video Bridging) protocols, IEEE has been working on defining specifications to increase determinism in Ethernet Networks. Further evolutions from AVB have led to a collection of specifications, profiles and data models developed by the Time Sensitive Networking task group of the IEEE 802.1 working group.

This webinar covers the fundamental requirements of a TSN network and the Microchip solutions that will help you implement a TSN solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the fundamentals of Time Sensitive Networking
  • Understand the key TSN specifications
  • Gain insight into Microchip's overall Networking Portfolio
  • Learn about Microchip's AVB and TSN solutions


Douglas Anderson, Product Marketing Manager – USB and Networking Group, Microchip Technology

Douglas Anderson has 20 years of experience with embedded and networking technologies. For the last three years he has been focused on developing Ethernet solutions for the industrial market. Doug is responsible for managing Microchip's Ethernet switch portfolio and managing the Ethernet marketing team.

Doug is actively involved in the Industrial Working Group of the AVNU Alliance, working to ensure availability of a common test bed for testing TSN compliance. Additionally, Doug is involved with a sub-working group focusing on silicon-level TSN interoperability.