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Architecture and Key Components of a 48 V Electric System

This presentation outlines the general setup of a mild hybrid electrical vehicle architecture and a detailed proposed architecture of an electric drive in a light vehicle.

Originally presented: May 14, 2020
Duration: 1 hour
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After a quick market introduction and an overview of a typical 48 V mild hybrid electrical vehicle architecture, this design presentation considers the architecture of a dual inverter drive system for a light electric or hybrid electric vehicle in the EU L7e category. This category limits electric drive power to 15 kW and a running weight of 450 kg for passenger types or 550 kg for goods-carrying types, excluding batteries. Typical vehicles in this category are "heavy quadricycles" - an EU classification that includes four-wheel "micro cars" such as the Renault "Twizy: as well as utility vehicles such as quad bikes. For simplicity, a 48 V motor in each rear wheel is driven independently by two inverters with common control electronics.

Attendees will learn about the electrical system architecture along with standards. The presenters will introduce a key semiconductor to realize these solutions, as well as the support you can expect from Infineon and Avnet Silica's partner network.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover key factors for designing a 48 V power inverter application
  • Understand the key semiconductor components to design a 48 V power inverter
  • Learn the support you can expect from Infineon, Avnet Silica and I&M


Dr. Johannes Breitschopf, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA, Infineon Technologies AG

Dr. Johannes Breitschopf is part of Technical Marketing Distribution Europe, Infineon Technologies AG. He holds a Ph.D. in nuclear particle physics and has worked in the semiconductor industry for about 14 years. He started his professional career as a Product Test Engineer for memory products and continued as an application engineer for Automotive Motor Control Solutions. In 2013 he joined the Distribution Marketing Group where he is responsible for the technical consulting on automotive and industrial products.

Gregor Knappik, Market Segment Manager Automotive EMEA, Avnet Silica

Gregor Knappik is Market Segment Manager Automotive in EMEA at Avnet Silica in Europe. He started his professional career at Siemens VDO and has more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In 2018 he joined Avnet Silica and is responsible for the company's automotive technical marketing strategy to develop use-cases and complete system solutions.

Claudio Romano, System Engineer, I&M

Claudio Romano took his MSc in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico of Torino (Turin, Italy) in 2007. He worked at CRF (Turin, Italy), being involved in first release of F1 K.E.R.S power inverter design. Then he spent several years in the field of alternative fuels system, becoming the responsible for LPG/CNG Engine Control Unit at Metatron (Bologna, Italy). He reached Ideas & Motion S.r.l in 2015 and he is still working there as system engineer. He leads several advanced research projects mainly in the field of traction power inverters.