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Success Factors for Fine Chemical Outsourcing: Creating a Winning Partnership with Your Custom Manufacturer

External custom chemical manufacturers provide cost and process improvements, speed and flexibility, allowing clients to minimize capital investments for new or existing projects. Register to learn critical success factors for effective partnerships and projects.

Originally presented: August 20, 2020
Duration: 1 hour
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Fine chemical custom manufacturing services offer a host of options to sourcing professionals tasked with the Make or Buy decision for starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

Whether considering product launches, additional capacity to support growth, or sustained manufacture of maturing products, custom manufacturers can serve as an extension of the client's own operations.

Choosing the right custom manufacturing partner can improve the client's cost position with novel chemistries and processes, higher yields and greater throughputs, and converting waste into revenue streams. When investments are required, they can be managed incrementally and creatively, to scale with the client's needs.

The key success factor is partnership, where both service provider and client have a strategic interest to build long-term relationships and address risk management including IP protections, security of supply and sustainable manufacturing practices.

This presentation will cover the success factors for fine chemical outsourcing to create a winning partnership with your custom manufacturer.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the complexities of the Make or Buy decision for fine chemical manufacturing
  • Know how to select the right custom manufacturer for your needs
  • Understand the expectations that both custom manufacturer and client have of each other for successful projects
  • Learn the critical success factors for effective capital investments, risk management, supply contracts, pipeline review and long-term relationships


Felix Goetz, New Business Specialist, Custom Manufacturing, CABB Group GmbH

Felix Goetz joined CABB in 2019 and is currently responsible for new business development activities. He has 6 years of experience in operations, process engineering, operational excellence, project management and new business development at Dupont and Lonza. Felix holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in chemical engineering from Universit├Ąt Karlsruhe (TH).