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Fast DC EV-Charging with CoolSiC™ from Infineon

As electro mobility increasingly becomes part of our daily lives, the need for more efficient charging solutions is growing. With an eye on the requirements and technological developments in this field, the challenge is to respond with smart and compact power conversion solutions for the charging networks of today and tomorrow. Infineon supports the complete fast DC EV charging system with a comprehensive product portfolio. As a trusted advisor and one stop shop partner, the system offering covers the entire product range from power conversion, microcontrollers, security, auxiliary power supply and communication.

Date: June 9, 2021
Time: 9 AM EDT (6 AM PDT / 3:00 PM CEST)
Duration: 1 hour
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With the ever-growing number of electric vehicles on the market and pressure from governments to reduce vehicle emissions to zero, there is a growing need for more efficient charging solutions. As various consumer studies show, the acceptance of electromobility very much depends on the availability of an efficient fast-charging infrastructure. Ultra-high-power electric vehicle charging stations, equipped with powerful DC chargers, will be the answer to the market in the future. Charging time for electric vehicles at the level of refueling a conventional car is thus possible.

As the market leader in power electronics, Infineon helps to bring energy-efficient, fast DC charging designs to life. Benefit from one of the most comprehensive, ready-to-implement, one-stop product and design portfolios on the market that covers the entire product range from power conversion, microcontrollers, security, auxiliary power supply, and communication.

In this webinar, you will gain deeper insights into Infineon's comprehensive DC-EV charging portfolio with a focus on silicon carbide and its important contribution to ultra-fast EV charging.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the application trends in the DC EV charging market
  • Gain deeper insights into Infineon's comprehensive DC EV charging portfolio
  • Learn how silicon carbide enables increased power density and energy efficiency
  • Get an overview of ready-to-use bidirectional system solutions and reference designs for DC EV charging


Elisabeth Preuss, Global Application Manager, Infineon Technologies AG

Elisabeth Pruess is a global application manager for EV charging, solar and UPS at Infineon Technologies AG. In addition to more than six years of application engineering experience in automotive and industrial electronics, she holds a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany. In her current role she is responsible for global alignment of the application strategy.

Pradip Chatterjee, Application Engineer DC EV Charging, Infineon Technologies AG

Pradip Chatterjee is working as principal application engineer and system architect at Infineon Technologies AG, Warstein since 2018. In his role, he focuses on EV charging and UPS applications, working on requirements and trends and supporting design ins and reference designs. Pradip holds a master's degree in power electronics and has about 16 years of experience in design and development of power conversion systems.

Andrej Orel, Segment Manager, City & Infrastructure, EBV Elektronik

Andrej Orel joined EBV Elektronik in 1997 as a field application engineer. Since 2006 he has taken different roles as regional application manager and business development manager. In 2019, he took over as a segment manager the segment called city & infrastructure focusing on smart city, energy, smart grid and infrastructure topics. Andrej holds an electrical engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenija