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Rotary Shaft Seals: Want to Save 90% in Maintenance Costs?

Register to learn about a difference between traditional and modern, ¼” (6.35mm) runout-tolerant shaft seal types, and how to reduce maintenance costs by 90% by creating hygienically clean environments and preventing shaft damage, and product recalls.

Originally presented: September 22, 2020
Duration: 1 hour
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When it comes to processing operations, it is important to have the right shaft seal. This webinar discusses a difference between traditional and modern, ¼" (6.35mm) runout-tolerant shaft seal types and how to reduce maintenance costs by 90% by creating hygienically clean environments and preventing shaft damage, and product recalls.

The presentation describes advantages of disadvantages of traditional lip and packing shaft sealing techniques and the latest rotary shaft sealing technology used on bulk powder, slurry, and semi-liquid mixing and blending equipment.

Hear from industry experts why low-cost lip and packing sealing devices may not be most effective as their frequent wear and replacement, product loss, and shaft damage will take away from the initial savings. Due to their inherent design limitations, they are difficult to hygienically clean and reassemble. CinchSeal's CIP shaft seals, on the other hand, are a "green", environmentally friendly alternative. They can also be USDA certified for dairy, meat, and poultry processing applications.

Attendees will learn how rotating, ¼" (6.35mm) runout-tolerant and maintenance-free CinchSeal shaft seals provide a quick ROI, protect bearings and gearboxes, eliminate shaft wear, product leakage and contamination, and reduce unscheduled maintenance and downtime by 90%.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to select the right shaft seal for your mixing and incline screw conveying equipment
  • Understand how to prevent product recalls, leaks, contamination, and explosions
  • Learn to comply with USDA requirements with Clean-In-Place sealing technology in food and pharmaceutical processing operations
  • Protect the shaft from damage and reduce maintenance costs by 90%
  • Improve ROI and save, just like other world's top manufacturers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year


Dan Marlett, Vice President of OEM Sales, US, CinchSeal

Dan Marlett has 22 years of industrial technical sales experience, aiding in new product development and identifying new market segments for company-growth. Sales management has been his key focus early in his career with a transition to OEM emphasis for the past several years. Dan has a mechanical engineering degree that benefits his ability to technically trouble-shoot and assist in improving seal components.

Saji Pillai, President, US, CinchSeal

Saji has more than 30 years of experience in designing, developing, testing, production and business development of high-precision dynamic sealing systems and solutions for rotating equipment, including food, chemical, power generation, military and civil aerospace industries. He holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering.

Andreas Eickmeier, CEO, ISH Kunststoff und Dichtungstechnik, Germany

Andreas has 37 years of experience in construction technology. He holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career as a designer of pharmaceutical machines, then held managerial positions in several large companies, such as SNR Roulements and Merkel Freudenberg. He founded ISH company, in Germany, that specializes in sealing technology solutions 12 years ago.