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Eliminate Batteries in IoT Devices with Indoor Solar Energy Harvesting and Long-Life Supercapacitors

Batteries are expensive to maintain and replace. Eliminate batteries in electronics designs using solar energy harvesting and ultra-thin prismatic supercapacitors. Or use solar energy harvesting to reduce the size and cost of batteries, while dramatically extending battery life.

Originally presented: November 15, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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PowerFilm and CAP-XX have collaborated on this webinar to help interested design engineers and IoT professionals understand how solar energy harvesting and supercapacitors can provide a range of power options for IoT devices. While batteries are a simple solution for IoT devices they can be bulky, quick to drain depending on device functionality, and expensive to maintain and replace.

CAP-XX is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-thin, prismatic and cylindrical supercaps. Supercaps are an excellent alternative to batteries in many electronics applications. Supercaps are extremely charge efficient, making charging from micro energy harvesting technologies like solar very efficient. Supercaps also offer 10-plus years life or 1,000,000 charge discharge cycles and can operate effectively in -40 to 85° C environments.

PowerFilm designs, manufactures and delivers custom solar energy harvesting solutions specific to each customer's use case and requirements. They offer solutions across many IoT segments, including retail, agriculture, telematics and industrial automation. Solutions are built by choosing the PV technology that's best for your needs, then adding any energy harvesting or charge controller circuitry required. Visit to learn more and engage with the PowerFilm team.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to extend battery life, reduce battery size, or replace batteries completely with PowerFilm solar energy harvesting and CAP-XX ultra-thin supercapacitors
  • Discover how to expand device functionality by increasing your power budget
  • Reduce system operating costs by extending battery life or eliminating batteries completely
  • Increase recovery from unexpected power interruptions or usage spikes


Jeff Colton, Executive Vice President, CAP-XX

Jeff Colton has 25 years in the energy storage business including multiple battery chemistries, flywheels and supercapacitors.

Sam Jones, R&D Engineer, Powerfilm solar

Sam Jones has been the lead engineer on dozens of photovoltaic energy harvesting solutions, focusing primarily on applications in the emerging IoT sector. By developing reference designs, evaluation kits, and educational materials, hestrives to remove the technological barriers of implementing energy harvesting in the real world. Jones's work in indoor light harvesting has helped demonstrate that solar and photovoltaics can be a vital component of a total power solution almost anywhere.