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Increase Accuracy and Repeatability with Digital Microscope-based Measurement Systems Webinar

This presentation will provide a fundamental understanding of the latest trends in digital microscopy. Attendees will learn how new developments in this field can increase accuracy and repeatability within their quality control, manufacturing, and R&D environments.

Date: October 16, 2013
Time: 11 AM EDT (8 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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Learn how advances in digital microscopy have improved measurement accuracy, repeatability, and overall throughput for many industrial operations. Using practical examples and videos, this presentation explains the benefits of telecentric optics, automatic measurement via digital edge-detection algorithms, and parallax-free optical systems (as compared to a conventional stereo microscope). Attendees will explore sources of optical error such as distortion, chromatic aberration, and perspective. Metrology terms - such as accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility - will be defined in detail. At the conclusion, participants will better understand how digital microscope-based measurement systems can improve their own operations.

Key Take-Aways

  • Discover new trends in digital microscopy and precision optics
  • Learn how to increase microscope-based measurement reliability within your organization
  • Understand how digital microscopy can increase overall throughput and efficiencies
  • Learn how automating the workflow and the generation of measurement reports improves overall productivity


Mario Gislao, Eastern Regional Digital Imaging Manager, Leica Microsystems, Inc.

Applications Specialist Mario Gislao is the Eastern Regional Digital Imaging Manager for Leica Microsystems in the U.S. He has 15 years of experience in the fields of industrial microscopy, digital micro-imaging, and metrology. Gislao holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the State University of New York.

Clinton Smith, Product Manager, Leica Microsystems

Clinton Smith is a Product Manager at Leica Microsystems in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. He is responsible for the product development of a digital microscope that requires no eyepieces for inspection or documentation. The new product can be configured as a telecentric system for greater accuracy and repeatability where improved measurements are necessary. Smith has nine years experience working with stereo microscopes and Leica software.