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How electronics manufacturers can leverage the growing smart device market

Demand is surging in the electronics industry due to increased demand for smart and often complex products in every sector. To take full advantage of the growing market demand, companies need to constantly innovate. But how do you do this without sacrificing product integrity or time to market?

Originally presented: January 26, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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The electronics industry is constantly evolving, with new technology driving the rapid innovation of products and markets. Still, those same technologies also create significant disruption in the way we manufacture products, resulting in constant pressure on companies to reinvent or evolve their production capabilities.

As a result, time-to-market (TTM) windows are shrinking along with the opportunity for businesses to make a profit. Unfortunately, manufacturers who cannot keep up rapidly lose market share to their competitors.

During this webinar, we will talk about the short-term and long-term implications of newer technologies in manufacturing and how to take advantage of this rapidly changing and highly competitive manufacturing landscape.

You'll learn from real-world success stories about companies achieving tangible results and how they are benefiting from digitization and smart manufacturing strategies. And at the same time, you can better understand how your business can leverage the same solutions to fit your business needs.

Learn more about how Siemens has expanded its footprint and success in manufacturing with many solutions belonging to the digital manufacturing ecosystem. Like AI-based SaaS solutions such as Supplyfram enabling previously impossible insights and decision support for the global electronics value chain. Also, Intosite cloud- based 2D/3D/panoramic representations of a production facility, allowing you to navigate through the facility providing intuitive access to information from any IT system. And through Mendix, low-code solutions that increase and extend the value of shop floor solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to measure the optimal capabilities and performance of your plant and with current resources
  • Gain visibility and trust in your supply chain with end-to-end simulation that leverages IoT data
  • Discover how solutions like a digital twin have evolved over time and where the electronics manufacturing is headed
  • Examine how our other customers have leveraged smart manufacturing solutions to achieve their business goals


Oren Manor, Director of Electronics Manufacturing Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Manor is responsible for holistic and extensive solutions dedicated to electronics assembly, curating partnerships and OEM engagements. Oren has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing of embedded and industry software. Previously, he was the global sales and marketing director for Jungo's embedded connectivity business unit which was acquired by NDS and Cisco. He was also the vice president, sales and marketing of Signature-IT, a SaaS cloud-based solution for configuring, pricing and quoting (CPQ) of heavy-industry mechanical products.