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Advancing EV Fluid Development with Next-Gen Synthetics PAO

Over the last several years electric vehicle (EV) design has rapidly evolved. Many automotive manufacturers have been adopting the integrated drive-unit design. In this approach, a single fluid is being used for cooling the electric-motor and electrical components, in addition to lubricating the gears, bearings and possibly clutches in the drive-unit. This can pose new challenges to the fluid development. Register for the webinar to learn more.

Originally presented: June 28, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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Energy efficiency and fuel economy have been the major drivers in engine oil and electric vehicle (EV)/driveline fluid development, as carbon dioxide emission mandates are getting more stringent and challenging. While moving toward low and ultra-low-viscosity fluids is an effective formulation strategy to improve fuel economy, it poses challenges in wear protection, deposits and oil drain intervals.

ExxonMobil has developed a next generation polyalphaolefin (PAO) family, SpectraSyn MaX, which provides excellent Low-Viscosity, Low-Volatility (LVLV) balance. SpectraSyn MaX enables low and ultra-low-viscosity engine oil formulations without compromising on additive treat-rate or Noack volatility. They exhibit lower traction, which can lead to improved energy efficiency, and superior oxidative stability that also make them desirable in low-viscosity EV/driveline fluids. Benefits of SpectraSyn MaX performance in finished formulations of engine oils and EV/driveline fluids include:

  • Fuel economy improvements for lower emissions
  • Energy efficiency for enhanced electric vehicle range
  • Thermal management for e-motor and electronics

Compared to conventional PAO and mineral oil base stocks, SpectraSyn MaX PAO can help provide:

  • Balanced low viscosity and low volatility for improved fuel economy, energy efficiency and durability
  • Improved oxidative stability for long drain intervals
  • Excellent low-temperature properties for enhanced wear protection
  • Enhanced lubricity and traction for efficient performance

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how the new PAOs improve fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Examine how the PAOs boost energy efficiency for enhanced electric vehicle range
  • Explore their role in thermal management for e-motor and electronics


Babak Lotfi, Ph.D., Global Application Development, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company

Dr. Lotfi holds a Ph.D. in tribology and has been advancing tribology and lubricant technology for over 10 years. He is an author/co-author of several research publications, holds multiple patents and has presented at a number of international electric vehicle (EV) and tribology conferences. Dr. Lotfi is an active member of STLE and serves as an Associate Editor for Tribology Transaction journal.

Dr. Lotfi has worked for ExxonMobil since 2017 and currently holds the position of Global Application Development at ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company, where he is progressing EV and thermal management fluids, and tribology fundamentals. He was previously employed by Schaeffler.