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Fit for Service – Adding More Value to Weighing

Systems and machines with precision measurement equipment must be serviced to maintain accuracy, and often this is an afterthought left to the end-user to manage. Learn how you can differentiate your offering, earn additional revenue, reduce liability, and secure repeat business by addressing service at all stages of the design, build, and commissioning phases.

Originally presented: November 29, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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When designing systems, machines, and production lines that contain precision measurement equipment, it is critical to understand how service is performed to ensure accuracy. While some machine builders, OEMs, and systems integrators often think of service as an afterthought, or something that only the end-user should be concerned with, it is important to consider how service affects the entire product life cycle to provide a comprehensive and complete solution to your customer.

This webinar will help you design more usable systems, create new revenue opportunities, limit your personal liability, and maintain control of a system after it is released to the end-user. It will discuss important service considerations that you may not encounter in your current role, increasing your understanding of the value that can be provided to customers.

The designer, specifier, builder, or integrator of systems and machines that include precision measurement components should be aware of how service is performed on your equipment. Only after the service component is understood can the user/designer begin addressing the nuances in the design, testing, and commissioning of equipment to create a complete solution that provides real benefits to the end user.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how service can be used to differentiate products and increase revenue
  • Learn to design with service in mind to offer more holistic solutions for end-users
  • Limit liability and minimize end-user risk


Andy Kletrovets, Strategic Program Manager, Mettler-Toledo

Andy Kletrovets is a Strategic Program Manager with METTLER TOLEDO, focusing on the integration of precision measurement equipment into complex systems and machines. With several years of global experience in service, business development, and automation, he uses his insight into the weighing industry to help others add value to weighing applications and promote proper measurement principles.