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Efficient Processes Monitoring Through Automated Titration Solutions

Monitoring manufacturing processes directly at line saves time between the analysis and the evaluation of results, enhances safety and avoids manual errors. Depending on your applications, titration workflows can be customized to best fit the process.

The webinar includes:

  • Benefits of moving titration from lab to process
  • Aspects to consider when performing titration
  • Example applications in electroplating bath testing
  • Automated sampling solutions and system integration

Originally presented: November 30, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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Analysis of process parameters by titration is typically carried out in the laboratory and is characterized by a certain delay between the moment where the sample is taken and when the related analytical data is returned. A relatively long response time can introduce critical issues, in particular if the process requires a prompt reaction to changes that occur under certain conditions, changes which may affect the efficiency and quality of the process itself. Samples are manually taken from process and transferred to the lab for analysis. According to the results, a decision, which will influence the process, is taken, for example, the nominal concentration of a specific constituent of an etching solution is adjusted, by adding some chemicals.

With Atline, samples are manually taken from the process and transferred to the nearby analyzer. This setup is recommended especially when multiple processes must be tested with high frequency and response time is a critical factor.

With Online, the sample is automatically taken from the process, typically though a bypass where the sample flows continuously and guarantees to be representative of the entire process volume/mass. The measuring process is triggered at regular intervals depending on how critical the process is, for example every hour.

Based on the results, a dosing system may automatically add chemicals to reestablish the nominal concentrations of a bath. With an online analyzer, operations are almost unattended; a supervisor is just required for basic surveillance and maintenance. METTLER TOLEDO offers titration solutions for offline (lab) and atline determinations. In certain circumstances, the same solutions can be implemented even for online analysis.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about monitoring your manufacturing processes directly at-line using automated titration solutions
  • Save time and increase efficiency using automated titration solutions for process monitoring
  • Explore example applications for controlling the electroplating bath
  • Discover automated sampling options and system integration possibilities


Giorgio Galimberti, Market Manager, Mettler-Toledo

Giorgio Galimberti spent the last 25 years in both technical and commercial roles supporting pharma, chemicals, electronics, electroplating, F&B and water industries to implement efficient analytical solutions, in laboratory and production, with focus on automation. For the past 10 years, he has focused on supporting Asian countries in the emerging and quickly developing industrial segments, to help them achieve better productivity, efficiency and costs control.