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From Concept to Reality: Crafting Exceptional Pulse Generators

Learn how to address intricate experiment control hurdles with the powerful Pulse Streamer 8/2, crafted through a synergy of Red Pitaya's hardware prowess and Swabian Instruments' expertise. Discover how to effortlessly define complex pulse sequences and arbitrary waveforms, streamline workflows, and achieve precise, high-resolution outputs — revolutionizing scientific applications across disciplines. Attend to empower your research with innovative tools tailored to your needs.

Originally presented: September 28, 2023
Duration: 1 hour
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Delve into the heart of groundbreaking innovation with Red Pitaya as we explore the exceptional Pulse Streamer 8/2 by Swabian Instruments. Join us to uncover the pivotal role of Red Pitaya in this collaborative project, as our product manager showcases the remarkable functionalities of our hardware.

Originally conceptualized in 2016 by Swabian Instruments' founders at the University of Stuttgart, Pulse Streamer 8/2 stands as a versatile pulse generator with digital and analog outputs. Evolving into a powerful solution, it addresses intricate experiment control challenges. Its intuitive user interfaces enable researchers to effortlessly define complex pulse sequences and arbitrary waveforms, streamlining experimental workflows across diverse scientific disciplines globally.

In this illuminating webinar, meet Christof Skupin, the driving force behind Pulse Streamer 8/2's development. Discover how Swabian Instruments harnessed Red Pitaya hardware, coupled with their Linux operating system and FPGA design expertise, to craft an advanced solution. This collaboration yields precisely timed, high-resolution digital patterns and analog waveforms, redefining possibilities in scientific applications.

Key Takeaways

  • Empower experiment control: Gain insights into how the Pulse Streamer 8/2, powered by Red Pitaya hardware, offers intuitive interfaces for effortlessly defining intricate pulse sequences, putting you in command of experiment control.
  • Streamline workflows: Discover how the collaboration between Red Pitaya and Swabian Instruments results in a streamlined workflow, enabling you to define complex pulse patterns and arbitrary waveforms seamlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Revolutionize scientific applications: Learn how the combined forces of Red Pitaya and Swabian Instruments reshape the landscape of scientific disciplines, offering adaptable tools that redefine possibilities, enhancing research outcomes, and driving innovation.
  • Precise high-resolution outputs: Uncover how the advanced solution presented in the webinar combines Red Pitaya's hardware excellence with Swabian Instruments' FPGA design, delivering precise timing and high-resolution digital patterns and analog waveforms to elevate the accuracy of your scientific applications.


Nicu Irimia, Product Manager, Red Pitaya

Irimia advises our customers and works closely with the CTO. He graduated from the Technical Military Academy in Romania as an electronics engineer and gathered 10 years of experience as an RF field engineer in a military institution before transferring to sales. Irimia then worked as a technical sales engineer at one of the largest electronics companies in the world, National Instruments. He has now been working as a product manager at Red Pitaya for more than three years, with tasks ranging from sales to business development and technical support.

Christof Skupin, FPGA & Software Developer, Swabian Instruments

Skupin is a highly skilled professional engineer and a gifted musician. With a strong passion for his diverse pursuits, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic talent to everything he undertakes.

In 2016, Skupin successfully completed his studies in electronic engineering at the FernUniversität in Hagen. For his diploma thesis, he worked on an industrial project at SEW-EURODRIVE. Following his graduation, Skupin embarked on an exciting journey with Swabian Instruments. As an FPGA and software developer, he plays a pivotal role in developing a cutting-edge synchronous digital pattern and arbitrary waveform generator - Pulse Streamer 8/2.

Beyond his engineering prowess, Skupin is a professional trumpet player. After his musical studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, he became a member of the esteemed SWR Symphonieorchester and several chamber music ensembles.