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Facilities Engineers: The People Behind the Scenes Who Make It Happen

All of us rely every day on facilities and infrastructure to support our lifestyle. This webinar will provide perspectives on the myriad infrastructure systems and the engineering organizations that operate and maintain them. Information will be provided on how you can refocus your career to qualify to be a facilities engineer.

Originally presented: September 26, 2023
Duration: 1 hour
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If you are considering refocusing your career to facilities engineering, or if you are already part of a facilities engineering organization, this webinar will provide you with an informative discussion of the variety of opportunities in a career in this field. North Carolina State University has opportunities to specialize in facilities engineering, either to earn professional development hours as required by your engineering license, or build a tailored Master of Engineering degree program, or a Master of Engineering Management degree program.

Facilities engineers are the behind-the-scenes professionals who plan for, build and then operate and maintain all our facilities and infrastructure. Because our facilities and infrastructure are essentially everywhere, engineers who work for the owners’ organizations provide the essential knowledge, experience and skills to support our quality of life. Whether it is supporting our utilities, our factories, our transportation systems, our cities and towns, our college campuses, or our government installations, the work of facilities engineers is essential.

Facilities engineering combines multidisciplinary engineering and management. It requires knowledge of all aspects of the physical facility, including the planning cycle, the buildings, infrastructure, and the people. If this type of engineering intrigues you, then this webinar is for you. We look forward to discussing the options available for you to join our program in person in Raleigh or Online at NC State's College of Engineering!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of our critical infrastructure systems.
  • Gain insights on the engineering methods to sustain our facilities and infrastructure.
  • Determine if a career in facilities engineering is right for you.


Mr. James Rispoli, Professional Engineer, North Carolina State University

James Rispoli is a licensed professional engineer with 15 years experience at installation level as chief of engineering, chief of facilities planning and programming, director of facilities and public works at a major airport, and director of public works, facilities and environment at a major seaport. Additionally, he was facilities and environmental planning department head for a federal agency, covering installations in a 24 state area. He will bring the practical aspects of facilities engineering and management to this webinar. He is a Fellow of the Society of American Military Engineers, and Board Certified Environmental Engineer and currently is a Professor of Practice at North Carolina State University for the Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures and teaches two courses for the Engineering Online degree programs in facilities engineering.