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Interview: Reducing the Frustration of Enclosure Modification

Most enclosures need to be modified in some way in order to be useful in their application, from machined cutouts for connectors, wires, or buttons to labels and logos. We will discuss the benefits of ordering a customized enclosure from Hammond. Learn how our in-house modification services can save time, cost, and effort!

Originally presented: April 12, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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Hammond's standard enclosures are designed to be multipurpose and adaptable to many applications. This means that there are often at least some customizations you will need to make so the enclosure is perfect for your specific use.

Having your enclosure modified at the Hammond factory can save time and expense. Topics of discussion in this presentation include the types of modifications we offer (such as cutouts, artwork, pressed-in hardware), what materials are required to receive a quotation, what you can expect from the process, such as approval drawings and samples, and the benefits of having experienced engineers handling your project.

Hammond is happy to help navigate the modification options and methods available to you. For example, cutouts can be applied by CNC, punch, or laser, depending on the material. Printing labels or logos might be done by UV printing or silk screening based on the size and detail of the art and even the size of the enclosure. What file types should you send for cutouts and artwork? What happens after submitting your order? Tune in to this presentation for the full scoop on Hammond modifications.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how using Hammond's in-house modification services saves time by delivering a product to the customer that is ready to be assembled without additional steps
  • Understand how these services save money by eliminating risk and scrap for the customer
  • Realize the benefits of having a skilled team of engineers and operators perform the modifications and address potential issues in advance


Tom Ballou, U.S. Sales & Marketing Manager - Electronics Division, Hammond Manufacturing

Tom Ballou has over 18 years of experience in the industry and has spent much of that time advising customers on how best to maximize both the effectiveness and value of their enclosures.

Dean Phillips, President / Innovation Strategist, Longevity Industries / LINK Systems

Over the past 34 years, Dean Phillips has been a leader in the technology sectors and the world of smart manufacturing. His is a continuous advisor to the smart manufacturing advisory committees with Society of Manufacturing Engineers and PMA Precision Metalforming Association. Phillips has been a speaker on IoT, AI, robotics, VR and AR. He is the creator of reality safe, a VR / AR safety training solution for manufacturing, working with Purdue. Phillips has spent the majority of his time advancing IoT, maintenance and safety to be more predictive and develop outcome based solutions. He has been on the board of directors for SME and an advisor for TTU, MTSU and TCAT. He has been a contributing lecturer on big data and it’s value and need for artificial intelligence to filter the information into actionable items. Phillips provides safety and development to cobot users and assists universities to outline expectations from manufacturers.