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Capacitors for Power Conversion in Harsh Environments

Experts from Knowles Precision Devices will cover the challenges of power conversion in harsh environments and how to overcome them by selecting the right capacitor. We'll review the fundamentals of power conversion (inverter and converter functional blocks), trends designers should be aware of, and move on to how capacitors perform in power conversion functional blocks. Filtering, snubbering, DC link and resonant "capacitor jobs" will all be covered, including examples of capacitor selection criteria for the different jobs

Originally presented: March 26, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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Harsh environments (those with low temperatures, high temperatures and/or high humidity at high temperature) pose a variety of challenges when it comes to power conversion. This webinar will focus on DC fast charging (AC to DC) and solar inverter (DC to AC) power conversion capabilities and the challenges AC filters, DC-link, and DC filter capacitors face when in harsh environments.

The range of outdoor operating conditions coupled with high-power requirements for both EV charging and solar inverters present unique design challenges related to thermal management and humidity withstand. As a result, the system designer is challenged with choosing capacitors that will perform reliably under these conditions.

We’ll discuss solutions for DC link and AC and DC filters in humid environments, capacitor options for high power density, and resources available for the design and testing of capacitors across a wide range of operating conditions.

As we know, technology is ever evolving, and we’ll touch upon a few areas where we see promising developments for capacitors in harsh environments.

Key Takeaways

  • Examine the challenges power electronics face when operating in harsh environments
  • Discover how capacitor technology is evolving to keep pace with varying use cases, devices, and environmental changes
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges by selecting the right capacitors for your needs
  • Find resources available to optimize your power conversion design


Scott Franco, Product Team Leader, Knowles Precision Devices

Franco has over 30 years of capacitor industry experience and currently leads product teams to develop and implement strategies that utilize industry-leading core capacitor technologies and provide long-term sustainable growth. His expertise comes from various positions including, design/applications engineer for film capacitors, product marketing manager, regional sales manager, and marketing director. Franco has a BS in Physics from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Bryant University.