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Transforming Motion with Electrostatic Motors at C-Motive

Join us as C-Motive takes the spotlight to discuss their revolutionary motor technology, establishing a new standard for energy efficiency and sustainability in electric motors. C-Motive's electrostatic motors use no rare earth magnets and contain only 10% of the amount of copper found in traditional motors, simplifying supply chains and reducing carbon emissions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the future of electric motors and understand what leveraging electric motors can do for your business.

Originally presented: February 12, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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Did you know that the purchase price of motors is only 2% of its lifetime cost, and 65% of many industrial facilities energy is consumed by motors? C-Motive Technologies CEO Matt Maroon describes just how much energy is wasted by inefficient and carbon-heavy motor systems in industrial settings, and previews alternatives that contribute to both operational savings and carbon emissions reductions. 

C-Motive Technologies is a venture-backed cleantech startup that creates sustainable and highly efficient motor technology. Over 50% of the world’s electricity is consumed by electromagnetic motors that are only about 60% efficient when integrated into real applications. A large percentage of a traditional motor is made from copper, and the highest-performance machines rely on rare-earth magnets that are almost entirely sourced from one country overseas. C-Motive’s electrostatic motor technology is over 90% efficient, contains no rare-earth magnets or electrical steel, and uses 90% less copper than traditional electric machines. By using fundamentally different physics, C-Motive is able to change the expectations that people have for their motors and deliver an all-in-one system that is free from add-ons like gearboxes and active cooling.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover what new and future technologies are transforming engineering
  • Explore how R&D and new concepts are solving complex technical challenges
  • Learn from the engineers and executives behind these technologies


Matt Maroon, CEO, C-Motive Technologies

Maroon has held product management and leadership roles in a range of startup companies, with experiences that were both venture capital as well as blue-chip company backed.  Since 2004, his career in product management has focused on bridging the gap between the lab and the market, developing and selling new technologies into the rapidly evolving cleantech marketplace. With experience in half-a-dozen distinct battery chemistries, software, renewable project development, applications from mobile to grid-scale, and well over 100 MWh deployed energy storage across the world, he has a track record of defining products and go-to-market strategies that work.

His previous endeavors include Firefly Energy, a startup focused on advanced lead-acid batteries; EnerG2, a startup creating high purity carbons for batteries and ultra-capacitors; GE Energy Storage, a startup with high-temperature sodium nickel chloride batteries for utility-scale applications; Aquion Energy, a startup with the worlds only safe and sustainable aqueous hybrid ion battery for renewable integration; Watt-Learn, a startup creating artificial intelligence for grid-connected batteries; and Oriden, a startup centered around a renewable project developer with a 500 MW pipeline of solar and storage projects.

Dean Phillips, President /Innovation Strategist, Longevity Industries / LINK Systems

Over the past 34 years, Dean Phillips has been a leader in the technology sectors and the world of smart manufacturing. His is a continuous advisor to the smart manufacturing advisory committees with Society of Manufacturing Engineers and PMA Precision Metalforming Association. Phillips has been a speaker on IoT, AI, robotics, VR and AR. He is the creator of reality safe, a VR / AR safety training solution for manufacturing, working with Purdue. Phillips has spent the majority of his time advancing IoT, maintenance and safety to be more predictive and develop outcome based solutions. He has been on the board of directors for SME and an advisor for TTU, MTSU and TCAT. He has been a contributing lecturer on big data and it’s value and need for artificial intelligence to filter the information into actionable items. Phillips provides safety and development to cobot users and assists universities to outline expectations from manufacturers.