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Work Smarter, not Harder: The Easy "Weigh" to Enabling a Smart Factory

Weighing is a critical measurement technology used to ensure product consistency and quality, to monitor and control inventory, reduce waste, drive yield improvement, and improve sustainability. In this interview series, we'll share some of the innovative products and services our customers use to build, operate and maintain their smart machines, production lines and factories. We'll also share with you feedback on how they did it, what enabled their transformation, why it was important to them, and the associated impact.

Originally presented: April 8, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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Envisioning a smart factory shouldn't be just a dream, but enabling it for your weighing equipment shouldn't be a nightmare, either. Join us to witness real-world use cases where implementing "smart" adds significant value without the complexity, headache, or perhaps most importantly - risk.

We'll cover the benefits of smart sensors in weighing applications, explore the role of standardization and what part it plays in improving time-to-market and scalability, as well as how a robust automation experience enables control and data visibility that provides real-time performance.

In addition, we'll also discuss the importance of the IT experience, use of open standards to quickly and easily enable the flow of data to the systems and software fueling data-driven decision-making to improve business agility and profitability.

Learn how to simultaneously connect over 4 million different combinations of sensors and scales covering a range from milligrams to thousands of tons to IT and OT systems on the same interface. Learn how machine builders integrate weight into their machines without hardwiring connections or using any control cabinet space.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore weighing as a critical measurement technology
  • Consider the role of standardization as a smart factory enabler
  • Realize that real-world impact doesn't require pain or complexity


Mitchell Holdren, OEM Business Development Manager / North America, METTLER TOLEDO

Mitchell Holdren is METTLER TOLEDO's OEM Business Development Manager for North America. He joined METTLER TOLEDO in 2015 as a technical application engineer, helping customers solve interesting and challenging weighing and automation applications from micrograms to thousands of tons. In his previous role as OEM product manager, he helped oversee the development and application of METTLER TOLEDO's newest and most innovative automation and weighing component products. His current role gives him the ability to enable engineers, machine builders, and end users greater access to these innovative products and METTLER TOLEDO's ability to help them achieve their automation and smart factory goals for the foreseeable future.

Dean Phillips, President / Innovation Strategist, Longevity Industries / LINK Systems

Over the past 34 years, Dean Phillips has been a leader in the technology sectors and the world of smart manufacturing. His is a continuous advisor to the smart manufacturing advisory committees with Society of Manufacturing Engineers and PMA Precision Metalforming Association. Phillips has been a speaker on IoT, AI, robotics, VR and AR. He is the creator of reality safe, a VR / AR safety training solution for manufacturing, working with Purdue. Phillips has spent the majority of his time advancing IoT, maintenance and safety to be more predictive and develop outcome based solutions. He has been on the board of directors for SME and an advisor for TTU, MTSU and TCAT. He has been a contributing lecturer on big data and it’s value and need for artificial intelligence to filter the information into actionable items. Phillips provides safety and development to cobot users and assists universities to outline expectations from manufacturers.