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Electrifying the Future: Unraveling Global EV Trends with Smart Charging and Computing

The webinar will provide insights on global electric vehicle (EV) trends, smart charging infrastructure, and the role of single board computing. Participants will learn about the possibilities of innovating EV charging with smart technologies.

Originally presented: March 25, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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Stay ahead in the world of electric vehicle (EV) technology with OKdo and global industry leaders as we explore the future of EV charging infrastructure, intelligent charging solutions, and the game-changing potential of single board computing.

Unlock invaluable insights into consumer behaviors, regulatory landscapes, and the transformative advantages of single board computing for EV charging. Discover enhanced efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in this must-attend webinar.

Whether you're a policymaker, innovator, or industry professional, secure your spot and be at the forefront of the EV revolution.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the future of EV charging and the top trends right now
  • Delve into the role of single board computing in EV charging station development
  • Understand why single board computers are an excellent choice for this application
  • Learn which single board computer is best for your project


Richard Curtin, Co-founder & CTO, OKdo

With a career at the forefront of single board computing technology, Richard Curtin will share how engineers can adopt smart EV charging solutions and get ahead of the game with OKdo.

Naeem Farooqi, CEO & Founder, FleetZero

Naeem Farooqi is a Global Zero Emission Leader and will be chairing the EV Infrastructure Forum in Berlin this month.

Marc Palmer, Brand Director, Autotrader UK

Marc Palmer is leading on EV demand for Autotrader and will be talking through all things smart charging infrastructure.