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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure –Leveraging IT to Benefit Industrial Operations

As industrial Ethernet is adopted by manufacturers, it is quickly evolving from ad hoc point solutions to an overall network infrastructure. While operations and IT have traditionally worked in their own silos, working together can speed up and enhance the benefits of standardizing on Ethernet. This presentation will explore new IT solutions that address today’s business drivers and help manufacturers stay competitive. Attendees will learn how and why engineering staff who know how to leverage IT will succeed in the future.

Date: May 8, 2014
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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As the implementation of industrial Ethernet for manufacturing and automation networks continues to grow at a brisk rate, it is important to transition ad hoc networks to managed infrastructure.

This presentation will cover 11 best practices for industrial Ethernet infrastructure, including areas such as network segmentation, security, redundancy and lifecycle needs. Attendees will learn how several of these best practices are executed more effectively when controls engineers and IT work together, rather than in silos.

Attendees will also learn how working with IT also offers advantages such as access to budget and security expertise. However, if IT is not informed about the unique requirements of controls networks, negative outcomes such as the use of non-ruggedized equipment and inappropriate automatic patching can occur.

Attendees will also learn about how the mindset of IT is different from that of controls engineering, and will understand the information that is vital to communicate when partnering with this group. In addition, attendees will be informed about new IT solutions that benefit industrial operations and that address today's key business drivers.

Controls engineers and others in operations will benefit by being able to work with IT personnel to manage their organization's interconnected networks and improve productivity.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn the 11 best practices for implementing industrial Ethernet infrastructure.
  • Discover which of these best practices IT can help you with.
  • Know the advantages of working with IT and the risks of working without it.
  • Understand the important differences between the controls and IT mindsets so you can interact with IT more effectively.
  • Find out how new IT solutions can benefit your industrial operations.


Mark Wylie, Global Vertical Manager, Industrial IT, Belden

Mark Wylie manages Belden's Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure program, which assists manufacturers with their adoption of industrial Ethernet, particularly as they move from ad hoc networks to managed infrastructure. He brings a unique perspective to this position, including 24 years of experience at Rockwell Automation in factory automation and networking applications. Mark combines this expertise with further knowledge gained while working at Cisco for 10 years. At Cisco he managed programs that tied enterprise business systems to manufacturing and energy management applications. Mark's understanding of both industrial operations and enterprise systems allows him to speak to both sides of the business, including discussion of their key drivers for success.