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How Digitalization Enables a More Accurate and Reliable WIM System

Overloaded vehicles and vehicles with flat tires significantly contribute to road damage and are a risk to other traffic members. Weigh in Motion (WIM) sensors, which are installed in the road, can identify both. Join this webinar to learn about Kistler’s KiTraffic Digital system that brings WIM to the next level.

Originally presented: June 25, 2020
Duration: 1 hour
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Weigh in Motion (WIM) systems help to identify and enforce overloaded trucks and thus reduce overloaded vehicles and road maintenance cost.

Kistler's all-new KiTraffic Digital WIM system brings WIM to the next level by combining the proven quartz WIM sensors with digitalization.

The new KiTraffic Digital WIM system provides multiple innovations, including the highest enforcement rate, flat tire identification, installation in bad roads, sensor health monitoring ease of deployment.

Join this webinar to learn about Kistler's KiTraffic Digital system that brings WIM to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how accurate Weigh in Motion technology helps to enhance safety on the road and protects road infrastructure.
  • Understand how KiTraffic Digital enables superior weight enforcement systems and paves the road to direct weight enforcement.
  • Get to know how KiTraffic Digital achieves the next level in accuracy, as well as reliability and robustness.
  • Learn how Weigh in Motion and tire screening can be done with the same sensors
  • Find out how Kistler supports customers with Weigh in Motion systems along the whole life cycle, from planning to operation.


Lukas Koch, Head of Strategic Business Field Road & Traffic, Kistler Group

Lukas Koch joined Kistler in 2015. As head of the Road & Traffic business line, he is responsible for the global strategy and positioning of all products according to market-specific needs. Lukas also closely supported the pilot customers and installation of the new KiTraffic Digital system as a project manager.

Christoph Klauser, Product Manager Road & Traffic, Kistler Group

Christoph Klauser is focused on Weigh in Motion technology and is first point of contact to the global sales force for WIM expertise in large and small projects. Within Kistler, he also supports the development team of new WIM technology and coordinates market launch activities.