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ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors: Connecting You To the World

ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors are high performance interconnect devices with applications throughout the entire field of electronics. With the expansion of micro-electronics and miniaturization of all products, the same high reliability must be maintained. ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors offers a variety of alternatives based on the primary design objectives.

Originally presented: July 13, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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As electronic applications become more challenging and products continue to miniaturize, the need for reliable and versatile interconnect options is more prevalent than ever.

In this webinar, ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors: Connecting you to the world, we will discuss how our ZEBRA® Connectors address these challenges including some of the most important considerations in interconnect applications:

· High Density, increased number of I/O's

· Low resistance, high current capacity

· Low insertion force, low compression force

· Redundant contact engagement

· High electrical and mechanical reliability

· Chemical stability, degradation resistance

· Cost-effectiveness, ease of assembly

ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors have continually proven to be an ideal solution in a wide variety of applications throughout the entire field of electronics. This webinar will discuss in depth the different electrical and mechanical characteristics of ZEBRA® Elastomeric Connectors, as well as the environmental considerations.

Attendees will learn about the different types of elastomeric connectors available, including our carbon, silver, gold and matrix options. We will discuss design considerations and the numerous form factor options that are available.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the electrical benefits of ZEBRA® Connectors including: Low resistance, high current capacity and redundant contact engagement for high electrical reliability.
  • Discover the mechanical advantages of using ZEBRA® Connectors including: Low insertion force, low compression force, high mechanical reliability, chemical stability and degradation resistance.
  • Identify the design versatility ZEBRA® Connectors provide, with the many form factors available, including custom molded and extruded elastomeric options.


Christian Miraglia, Applications Engineering Manager, Fujipoly America Corporation

Miraglia is the applications engineering manager for Fujipoly America Corporation, based out of our Customer Engineering Resource Center in San Jose, California. He is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has been with Fujipoly for over 15 years.