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Design Challenges and Solutions for 1,500 V PV Inverter Systems

This webinar first looks into emerging design requirements for 1,500 V PV systems. Then it presents innovative power modules engineered to reduce weight and system-level expenses to meet the rising demand for higher output power at lower cost from boosters and inverters.

Originally presented: September 22, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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Renewable energy is the gateway to a cleaner future, and solar power is leading the charge. Engineers who design solar inverters face the multidimensional challenge of making sure solar power will continue to meet growing demand for clean energy. This webinar explores many facets of this challenge by comparing the latest solutions' efficiency, weight, and cost, and demonstrating how flying capacitor topologies present unique opportunities for optimizing systems.

Vincotech's latest generation of power modules for the solar market is underpinned by new design concepts tailored to meet the key requirements of high efficiency, maximum power density, low weight, and great reliability. The company's engineers chose the innovative topologies and latest semiconductors best suited to benefit the overall system. This webinar dives deep to analyze the power conversion steps in an inverter, and show where and how Vincotech's latest modules address these design requirements.

Performance and cost comparisons underscore that flying capacitor topologies in the booster and inverter greatly improve efficiency, cut module and system costs, and reduce weight in the inductor and heat sink. With these new topologies, designers of next-generation PV inverter systems are able to meet the four critical design requirements of high efficiency, maximum power density, low weight, and great reliability.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the latest developments in 1,500 V PV inverter topology
  • Get to know Vincotech's latest baseplate-less housing tailored for solar applications
  • Discover an end-to-end system solution for the booster and inverter stage
  • Learn how flying capacitor topologies can help reduce inductor size and cost


Andrew Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Vincotech GmbH

Andrew has worked in the semiconductor industry for almost 40 years. He has worked in diverse markets including mobile communications, digital TV and power electronics in both technical and commercial roles. He is currently responsible for product marketing for Vincotech's Solar and UPS portfolio. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Matthias Tauer, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Vincotech GmbH

Matthias holds a diploma degree in electrical engineering from TU Munich. Before joining Vincotech in 2016, he worked as hardware development engineer for power electronic devices. In his current role as technical marketing manager he identifies market trends and drives innovation in form of new developments in the fields of housing and topology.

Edoardo Guiotto, VP Sales & Marketing, Vincotech GmbH

At Vincotech, Edoardo is responsible for the management of the complete commercial organization including sales, technical support, customer service, marketing and product management.

Before joining Vincotech, he gained 15 years of experience in the global industrial electronics market, 10 of which in sales leadership roles. Edoardo holds a degree in electrical engineering.